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International Relations



Refer to the Graduate Calendar, Courses of Instruction for complete list of courses. Note, not all courses listed will be offered in any one year. See our Course and Timetable webpage for course offerings of current academic year.

Graduate students with an interest in international relations (and foreign policy analysis) will find their professors in this subfield display a wide variety of teaching and research interests. So whether in the classroom context or through more focused research collaboration with professors, students will be able to benefit from an attentive and supportive faculty complement, over a broad range of conceptual and empirical problems in international politics and foreign policy. We make it a practice, for example, to involve graduate students in our research, including co-authoring papers for presentation at scholarly conferences, collaborating on research grants, and preparing articles and chapters for publication.

In addition, the Department maintains close links with the Centre for International and Defence Policy (CIDP), which since its inception more than three decades ago has always been headed by one of our international relations professors, a position currently being held by Professor Kim Nossal. The Centre has a wide-ranging and active research program, and regularly presents avenues for participation in its activities to graduate students.

The four regular faculty members in the international relations subfield have identified the following topics as being within their current and future teaching and research agendas:

  • Canadian foreign and security policy
  • Transatlantic security 
  • American foreign and security policy 
  • European Union security and defence policy 
  • Australian foreign and security policy international political economy 
  • natural resources and regional conflict in Africa
  •  (post) conflict resolution in Africa, the Balkans, and the former 
  • Soviet Union humanitarian intervention 
  • Canada-US relations

As well, the international relations subfield benefits from a wealth of faculty talent among adjunct and cross-appointed personnel, including several members of faculty at the Royal Military College of Canada, with which the Department maintains close ties, enabling our graduate students to take classes in their program (and vice versa).

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