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Queen's University

Department of Political Studies

Supervisory Interests of Faculty

It is important for prospective students to have a potential supervisor in mind before applying to one of our graduate programs. The following is a list of topics and areas that are of interest to our faculty members.

Faculty Supervisory Interests
G. Grant Amyot  Italian politics; European politics; European Union; political economy; economic policy; interest groups; business; labour; unions; industrial relations; welfare state; parties; elections; Marxism; methodology and philosophy of social science
Keith Banting  Public policy, especially social policy, in Canada and OECD countries; ethnic diversity, multiculturalism, social integration and public policy; federalism and public policy inCanada and in western democracies
Catherine Conaghan  Latin American politics, Andean politics, regime transitions, democratization, political corruption, political elites, media/civil society/party politics in Latin America, elections, policy making, neoliberalism
Zsuzsa Csergo 

Nationalism and the politics of ethnicity, Central and East European politics, majority-minority conflict and cooperation, the politics of language use, democracy and democratization, European integration

Colin Farrelly  Contemporary politicay theory/philosophy, including:  distributive justice; ideal/non-ideal thoery; deliberative democracy; virtue jurisprudence; Analytical Marxism; science and justice - especially the biomedical sciences (e.g. genetics, human enhancement)
Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant  Political behaviour, elections, media and politics, women and politics, political knowledge/information, and methodologies
J. Andrew Grant  International Relations, International Political Economy, African Politics, Global Governance, Regionalism and Regionalization, Natural Resources and Civil Conflict, Secessionist Movements, Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Transitional Justice
David Haglund  American foreign policy; Canadian foreign policy; transatlantic relations; Canada-US relations
Oded Haklai  Politics of nationalism and ethnicity; state-society relations; theories of mobilization; Middle East politics; politics of Israel; Palestinian-Israeli relations
Janet Hiebert  Politics of Rights (Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand); Canadian federalism
Andrew Lister  Pluralism and toleration; moral conflict and compromise; public reason, perfectionism, and neutrality; marriage and the family; theories of justice
Margaret Little  Welfare; poverty; retraining; Canadian social policy
Eleanor MacDonald  Contemporary political thought, including: identity politics, feminist theory, critical theory, postmodern theory, Marxist theory, anti-racist theory,  psychoanalytic theory, environmental theory, cultural studies, narrative theory, queer theory, race and sexuality studies, feminism, and transgender politics
John McGarry  Ethnic and national conflict; state responses to ethnic and national diversity; consociationalism; federalism; integrationism; asymmetrical federalism; European integration and minority nationalism; politics of Iraq; Politics of Northern Ireland; electoral systems in divided societies. policing divided societies
Margaret Moore  Contemporary political philosophy including global justice theory (global redistributive justice and justice as applied to non-ideal situations, e.g. just war theory), ethics of nationalism, liberal constitutionalism – e.g., rights, equality, citizenship theory, democratic theory
Kim Richard Nossal  Canadian foreign and defence policy; Australian foreign policy; international sanctions; humanitarian intervention
Charles Pentland  European Union enlargement, foreign and security policy; Balkans and former Soviet Union; transatlantic relations - Canada, US, Europe; international organizations; global governance
Jonathan Rose  Canadian Politics, mass media, political communication, political advertising, propaganda
Susanne Soederberg  Global Political Economy, Comparative Political Economy; Global Development, Global Finance (IMF, World Bank, Consumer Credit; Politics of Money); North-South Relations, Global Governance; Corporate Power (Socially Responsible Investment, Shareholder Activism, especially 'Green Activism'; Neoliberalism; Marxism
Stéfanie von Hlatky International Relations Theory; Foreign Policy; Security Studies; Military Alliances; Canada-US Relations
Phillip Wood  Historical and regional political economy; the politics of industrial restructuring; American politics; empirical Marxism; the politics of prisons

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