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David Haglund

B.A. (Ohio State); Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins) 

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Department of Political Studies
Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room C329
Phone: (613) 533-6231
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Research Interests

American foreign policy; transatlantic relations; Canada-US relations; Canadian foreign policy.

Brief Biography

After receiving his Ph.D. in International Relations in 1978 from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, in Washington, D.C., David Haglund assumed teaching and research positions at the University of British Columbia.  In 1983 he came to Queen's.  From 1985 to 1995, and again from 1996 to 2002, he served as Director of the Queen’s Centre for International Relations (subsequently renamed the Queen’s Centre for International and Defence Policy).   From 1992 to 1996 he served as Head of the Department of Political Studies, and as Acting Head for the 2015-16 academic year.  He has held visiting professorships in France (at Sciences Po in Paris, at the French military academy – Saint Cyr-Coëtquidan, and at l’Université Paris III/Sorbonne nouvelle); in Germany (at the Universität Bonn, and the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena); in Ireland (at the Clinton Institute for American Studies, University College Dublin); and in the US (at Syracuse University and Dartmouth College).  From 2003 to 2012 he served as co-editor of the International Journal.

Selected Publications

(With Deanna Soloninka) “Woodrow Wilson Still Fuels Debate on ‘Who Lost Russia?’” Orbis 60 (Summer 2016): 433-52. (View Article PDF, 360KB)

(With Justin Massie) “Southern (Over) Exposure? Quebec and the Evolution of Canada’s Grand Strategy, 2002–2012,” American Review of Canadian Studies 46 (June 2016): 233-53. (View Article PDF, 308KB)

(With Jonathan Lu) "Jefferson in Montreal: The Unusual Intervention of a Long-Deceased American President into the Debate over Québec's Charter of Values," Québec Studies 60 (Fall/Winter 2015): 105-24. (View Article PDF, 334KB)

Ethnic Diasporas and the Canada-United States Security Community: From the Civil War to Today (Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2015). (View Cover PDF, 66KB)

>"Roundtable Review," H-Diplo 18, 8 (31 October 2016). (View Article PDF, 271KB

(With Umut Korkut) “Going Against the Flow: Sinn Féin’s Unusual Hungarian ‘Roots’,” International History Review 37 (January 2015): 41-58. (View Article PDF, 144KB)

(With Michel Fortmann) “Of Ghosts and Other Spectres: The Cold War’s Ending and the Question of the Next ‘Hegemonic’ Conflict,” Cold War History 14 (November 2014): 515-32. (View Article PDF, 157KB)

“What Can Strategic Culture Contribute to Our Understanding of Security Policies in the Asia-Pacific Region?” Contemporary Security Policy 35 (August 2014): 310-28. (View Article PDF, 163KB)

(With Justin Massie) “Un poids décisif? L’influence du Québec sur les interventions militaires canadiennes,” Globe - Revue Internationale d’Études Québécoises 17, 2 (2014): 173-206. (View Article PDF, 1.75MB)

"Ethnic Diasporas and US Foreign Policy," Oxford Bibliographies in Political Science. (View Online)

“Orders and Borders: Unipolarity and the Issue of Homeland Security,” Canadian Foreign Policy Journal 18 (March 2012): 79-95. (View Article PDF, 165KB)

(With Tyson McNeil-Hay) “The ‘Germany Lobby’ and U.S. Foreign Policy: What, if Anything, Does It Tell Us about the Debate over the ‘Israel Lobby’?” Ethnopolitics 10 (September-November 2011): 321-44. (View Article PDF, 185KB)

“Pensando lo imposible:   Why Mexico Should Be the Next New Member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization,” Latin American Policy 1, 2 (2010):  264-83. (View Article PDF, 121KB)

“Happy Days Are Here Again?  France’s Reintegration into NATO and Its Impact on Relations with the United States,” European Security 19 (March 2010):  123-42. (View Article PDF, 203KB)