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Supervisory Interests of Faculty

It is important for prospective students to have a potential supervisor in mind before applying to one of our graduate programs. The following is a list of topics and areas that are of interest to our faculty members.

G. Grant Amyot
Italian politics; European politics; European Union; political economy; economic policy; interest groups; business; labour; unions; industrial relations; welfare state; parties; elections; Marxism; methodology and philosophy of social science
Catherine Conaghan
Latin American politics, Andean politics, regime transitions, democratization, political corruption, political elites, media/civil society/party politics in Latin America, elections, policy making, neoliberalism
Wayne Cox
International Relations Theory, Critical Security Studies, Kurdish Ethnonationalism, Identity and Conflict in the Middle East, and Canadian Foreign Policy.
Zsuzsa Csergo
Nationalism and the politics of ethnicity, Central and East European politics, majority-minority conflict and cooperation, the politics of language use, democracy and democratization, European integration
Colin Farrelly
Contemporary politicay theory/philosophy, including: distributive justice; ideal/non-ideal thoery; deliberative democracy; virtue jurisprudence; Analytical Marxism; science and justice - especially the biomedical sciences (e.g. genetics, human enhancement)
Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant
Political behaviour, elections, media and politics, women and politics, political knowledge/information, and methodologies
J. Andrew Grant
International Relations, International Political Economy, African Politics, Global Governance, Regionalism and Regionalization, Natural Resources and Civil Conflict, Secessionist Movements, Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Transitional Justice
David Haglund
American foreign policy; Canadian foreign policy; transatlantic relations; Canada-US relations
Oded Haklai
Politics of nationalism and ethnicity; state-minority and majority-minority relations; settlers and territorial disputes; Middle East politics; politics of Israel; Palestinian-Israeli relations
Kyle Hanniman
Federalism (Canadian and comparative); political economy of advanced industrialized states
Janet Hiebert
Politics of Rights (Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand); Canadian federalism
Stéfanie von Hlatky
International relations theory; foreign policy analysis; security studies; women in international security; gender issues in the military; military alliances; NATO; Canadian Armed Forces; Canada-US relations
Andrew Lister
Public reason & justification; epistemic vs intrinsic accounts of democracy; liberalism (classical, libertarian, or egalitarian); distributive vs relational social justice; reciprocity; Rawls.
Margaret Little
Poverty; Canadian social policy; welfare restructuring; anti-poverty organizing
Eleanor MacDonald
Contemporary political thought, including: identity politics, feminist theory, critical theory, postmodern theory, Marxist theory, anti-racist theory, psychoanalytic theory, environmental theory, cultural studies, narrative theory, queer theory, race and sexuality studies, feminism, and transgender politics
John McGarry
Ethnic and national conflict; state responses to ethnic and national diversity; consociationalism; federalism; integrationism; asymmetrical federalism; European integration and minority nationalism; politics of Iraq; Politics of Northern Ireland; electoral systems in divided societies. policing divided societies
Margaret Moore
Contemporary political philosophy including global justice theory (global redistributive justice and justice as applied to non-ideal situations, e.g. just war theory), ethics of nationalism, liberal constitutionalism – e.g., rights, equality, citizenship theory, democratic theory
Kim Richard Nossal
Canadian foreign and defence policy
Jonathan Rose
Canadian Politics, mass media, political communication, political advertising, propaganda
Susanne Soederberg
Global political economy; comparative political economy; global development, global finance (IMF, World Bank, consumer credit; politics of money); North-South relations, global governance; corporate power; neoliberalism; historical materialism
Phillip Wood
Historical and regional political economy; the politics of industrial restructuring; American politics; empirical Marxism; the politics of prisons