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Raynold Wonder Alorse Receives SSHRC CGS Nelson Mandela Award

The Department would like to extend congratulations to PhD student Raynold Wonder Alorse, who is the recipient of a SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship to Honour Nelson Mandela. The Award celebrates Nelson Mandela’s legacy and his tireless pursuit of peace, democracy, justice, and freedom through learning, understanding, and education.

This is the first time that a Political Studies student has won this prestigious award.

I am humbled and honoured to receive SSHRC’s Nelson Mandela distinction. As a champion of human rights, Mandela stood tall in the midst of difficulties that seemed impossible to overcome. His legacy continues to inspire me in many ways, and I hope that my doctoral work on the extractive sector and human rights will help to bridge the gap between theory and practice. I am also extremely grateful for the support I have received from family, friends and the Department of Political Studies. Thank you and thank you to SSHRC!

Raynold Wonder-Alorse