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Affiliated Research Centres at Queen's

Centre for International and Defence Policy

CIDP_Logo The Centre for International and Defence Policy was established in 1975 as the Queen's Centre for International Relations under the directorship of Nils Ørvik.  Its mandate, then as now, was to conduct research in matters of national and international security and other aspects of international relations. It supports teaching in the field of security and defence and, through its publications and activities of its members, contributes to public debate on Canadian foreign and defence policy, and on issues of international peace and security.

Centre for the Study of Democracy and Diversity

CIDP_Logo The Centre for the Study of Democracy and Diversity was founded in the mid-1990s as the Centre for the Study of Democracy. Formerly under the auspices of the School of Policy Studies, the Centre has expanded within the Department of Political Studies to become an interdisciplinary Centre aimed at advancing research and teaching within the areas of democracy and diversity. The Centre seeks to bring the theoretical and practical knowledge of diverse scholars, practitioners, methodologies and disciplines to bear on the unique strengths and challenges posed by diversity in democratic societies.

Institute of Intergovernmental Relations

The Institute of Intergovernmental Relations at Queen's University is Canada's premier university-based centre for research on all aspects of federalism and intergovernmental relations, both in Canada and in countries around the world. The Institute is located in and works closely with the School of Policy Studies, as well as a number of Faculty Associates in other departments at Queen's University. The Institute is interdisciplinary in orientation, drawing on the latest research in political science, economics, philosophy, law, and sociology.

Canadian Opinion Research Archive

The Canadian Opinion Research Archive at Queen's University makes available commercial and independent surveys to the academic, research and journalistic communities. Founded in 1992, CORA contains hundreds of surveys including thousands of discrete items collected by major commercial Canadian firms dating back to the 1970s. CORA is continually adding new surveys and is always soliciting new data from commercial research firms, independent think tanks, research institutes, NGOs, and academic researchers.