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Queen's University

DSC Executive

Current Executive Council

Past Executive Councils

Co-Chairpersons  - Jessica Stanley and Courtney Briggs
Council Members -  Grace Johnson, Emily Bailey, Andrew Aulthouse, Lisa Liu, Tegan Raco

Co-Chairpersons - Katie Levesque and Sarah Hunter
Council Members - Courtney Briggs, Jessica Stanley, Steph Garraway, Lisa Englehart, Grace Johnson, Michelle D'Sa, Hilary Hung, Sheryl Nauth 

Co-Chairpersons - Adam DiSimine and Samantha Jenkins
Council Members - Jason Shearer, Erin MacMullin 

Co-Chairpersons - Sarah Abelson and Jason Wiseman
Council Members - Jenny Yoo, Jason Shearer, Claudia Chwalisz, Adam DiSimine, Samantha Jenkins, Caroline Davies, Swetha Vishwantha, Heather Lennon, Andrea Holmes

Co-Chairpersons - Joshua Cerovski and Amy Scott
Council Members - Sarah Abelson, Josh Clark, Nick Day, Claire Schneiderman, Jason Shearer, Swetha Vishwanath, Jason Wiseman, and Jenny Yoo

Co-Chairpersons - Michael Chiang and Claire Schneiderman
Council Members - Nathan Bowers, Alexis Brown, Joshua Cerovski, Daniella Davila, Kristin McKibbin, Marika Motiwalla, and Amy Scott

Co-Chairpersons - Caroline DuWors and Claire Schneiderman
Council Members - Caitlin Adair, Brooks Barnett, Nathan Bavers, Alexis Brown, Michael Cascone, Joshua Cerovski, Michael Chiang, Faraaz Dawood, Jessica Moranis, Marika Motiwalla, Andrew Phillips, and Amy Scott

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000