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Physical Plant Services: Engineering and Operations

The Engineering and Operations section at Physical Plant covers several key area's.

The Operations Group is responsible for the general maintenance and the upkeep of the Campus infrastructure. The Campus is divided into geographical areas, maintained by semiautonomous work teams called "Area Teams". Area Teams contain a mix of trades, custodial and management staff, and are the primary contact for the campus customer; the Area Managers/Asst Managers are responsible for staffing, control of budget and work planning for their area,manage limited construction projects, and supervise contract maintenance. Area One also manages the Specialty Team and Carpentry/LockShop Group, who have responsibilities for the entire Campus.

Also under the Operations Section is the Grounds Team. This Team is responsible for maintenance of: lawns, gardens, flower beds, hedges and trees, hard landscaping (including walkways and patios), some snow removal, and waste collection.

The Engineering Group is comprised of three main sections: Mechanical and Electrical, who are responsible for maintaining various systems around campus, and the Drafting Section, responsible for generating and maintaining records and diagrams of the campus layout and building floor plans. These units work closely with the various Area Teams.

The Engineering and Operations Department also operates the Central Power Plant, which supplies steam to the Campus, along with the Co-Gen Facility, a high efficiency unit that supplies both electrical power to the Campus, as well as steam for heating.