E-waste is collected from every Department at Queen’s University.
Future Life Cycle of E-waste At Queen’s
E-waste consumption begins with the consumer. Students buy electronics from stores like BestBuy.
E-waste accumulates in the home, dorm room, and offices.
Most of student E-waste is laptop computers and iPods.
E-waste depot locations (clockwise): John Deutsch University Center, Victoria Hall Residence and BioSciences Complex.
E-waste is collected, sorted and put on Skids for SIMs Recycling to collect and transport.
SIMs recycling removes precious metals, shreds the plastics and removes all the hazardous chemicals. None of the material ends up in landfills as SIMs recycling tracks all of its products.
The blue writing is the improvement proposal by through the Sustainability Project.
The red writing is the process that is already involved.
The two meet at the collection depots.