SIMs Recycling
SIMs Recycling is a international company, with Queen’s using its location in Brampton, just outside Toronto. SIMs manually de-manufactures materials in work cells where batteries, bulbs and other hazards are removed and sorted before electronics are shredded and separated.
100% of all electronic hardware is recycled, meaning no hardware goes to landfill or to illegal export. Queen’s was impressed with SIMs recycling, as SIMs Recycling Solutions Toronto conducts full physically audits of all downstream vendors, tracking materials to their final resting place. These factors are unique to the company and make it stand out against the rest.
SIMs Recycling Solutions Toronto specializes in end-of-life recycling and asset management and secure product destruction. Their annual capacity is 35,000,000 pounds and their site takes up 85,000 square feet.
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