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Section A: PPS Health & Safety
Section B: Operations
Section C: Waste Handling
Section D: Construction
Section E: Central Heating Plant
Section G: Environmental Health & Safety
Section H: University Policies

Standard Campus Policies

Physical Plant Services: Procedures: Section A

Section A: PPS Health & Safety
A.1   Accident Reporting
A.2   Ammonia Plant Emergency Procedure
A.3   Asbestos, PPS Employee Guidelines
A.4   Confined Space Entry
A.5   Elevators - Hydraulic Elevator Cylinder Leakage
A.6   Equipment Lockout & tag Procedure
A.7   Fall Arrest
A.8   First Aid Kits
A.9   Fumehoods Maintenance of Ventilation Systems
A 10  Hot or Open Flame Work - Hot Work Permit
A.11  Laboratories Reporting Contaminants & Spills
A.12  Ladder Use
A.13  Lift Truck Operation
A.14  Live Work Procedure
A.15  Locates for Underground Service
A.16  Maintaining of Fire Suppression Equipment
A.17  Maintenance of Exhaust Fans _Botterell_
A.18  Needle Sick Injuries
A.19  Receiving Dangerous Goods
A.20  Refrigeration Detection Alarms
A.21  Safety Boots
A.22  Spill of Oil or Chemical
A.23  Transportation to a Hospital or Doctor's Office
A.24  Vehicle Pre-Operation Check
A.25  Vehicle - Use of Seat Belts
A.26  Working Alone
A.27  Working in Hot Enviroments
A.30  MSDS Procedures