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Section A: PPS Health & Safety
Section B: Operations
Section C: Waste Handling
Section D: Construction
Section E: Central Heating Plant
Section G: Environmental Health & Safety
Section H: University Policies

Standard Campus Policies

Physical Plant Services: Procedures: Section E

>Section E: Central Heating Plant
E.1  General Safety Rules
E.2  Accident Reporting
E.3  Use of Log Books
E.4  Venting of Natural Gas
E.5  Emergency Beeper Testing
E.6  Preparation of Boiler Cleaning, Inspection & Maintenance
E.7  Spill of Oil or Chemical
E.8  Steam Tunnel Lighting CHP to Fleming Hall
E.9  Steam Failures
E.10  Operation of Stack Tank
E.11  Operational Emergencies
E.12  Attendance Reporting Abseteeism
E.13  Vacation & Lieu Time
E.14  Steam Services Interruption of
E.15  Call-ins
E.16  Deaerator #1 Shutdown
E.16b  Deaerator #2 Shutdown
E.17  Condensate Tank Shutdown
E.18  Cleaning of Furnaces Breechings and Removal of Refractory Material
E.19  Confined Space Entry
E.20  Operation of Air Compressors
E.21  Operation of Boiler Feed Pumps
E.22  Starting & Stopping Condensate Pumps
E.23  Starting & Changing #1 & #2 Forwarding Pumps
E.24  Operation of Sodium Softeners
E.25  Operation of Hydrogen Softeners
E.26  Operation of Boiler #6
E.27  Operation of Boiler #7
E.28  Operation of Emergency Generator and Robonic Transfer Switches
E.29  Return of Emergency Generators to Normal
E.30  Emergency Generator Reset Procedure
E.31  Operation of Steam Turbine
E.32  Working on the South Roof
E.33  Working Alone