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Undergraduate Orientation Review Working Group

Principal Daniel Woolf announced the formation of a working group to conduct a review of undergraduate orientation. The review will seek ways of making undergraduate orientation more welcoming and inclusive for all members of the Queen’s community.

The Undergraduate Orientation Review Working Group, chaired by Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Inclusion) Teri Shearer, is mandated to examine all aspects of Queen’s direct-entry undergraduate student orientation experience, including university orientation and the student society orientation activities. The working group will consult with the Queen’s community, look to best practices at other institutions, and articulate a vision for orientation that achieves shared goals around community building, inclusivity, safety, and responsibility. The Task Force will report back to Principal Woolf with their comprehensive recommendations no later than March 2018.

Terms of Reference (PDF, 96 KB)

Consultation Sessions

Consultation efforts are currently being planned. More information will be announced when available.

News and Updates

August 25, 2017 – Principal announces undergraduate orientation review


As per the Terms of Reference, the Undergraduate Orientation Review Working Group membership will include:

  • Deputy Provost – Chair
  • AMS President, or designate
  • Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs, or designate
  • One faculty or staff representative from each of the direct entry-undergraduate programs as follows:
    • Dean of Arts & Science, or designate
    • Dean of Engineering & Applied Science, or designate
    • Dean of the Faculty of Education, or designate
    • Director of the School of Nursing, or designate
    • Executive Director of the Commerce Program, or designate
    • Director of the School of Computing, or designate
    • Director of the School of Kinesiology, or designate
  • One student representative from, and selected by the Presidents of, the undergraduate society of each of the following direct-entry undergraduate programs:
    • Arts & Science
    • Engineering & Applied Science
    • Concurrent Education
    • Nursing
    • Commerce
    • Computing
    • Kinesiology
  • AMS Social Issues Commissioner
  • Manager, Student Experience Office

Advisory members (non-voting)
Director of the Human Rights Office, or designate
Director of Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre, or designate
Director of Queen’s University International Centre, or designate
President, Queen’s University Alumni Association
1 member of University Council

Support (non-voting)
Associate Secretary of the University
Director of Communications, or designate

At the discretion of the Working Group, non-voting advisory members may be added to provide expertise in regards to operational issues.

An announcement of the working group membership will be issued once confirmed.