Office of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor

[Principal and Vice Chancellor]
[Principal and Vice Chancellor]

Priorities and Goals

1. Strengthening the student learning experience

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A transformative learning experience is central to the Queen’s identity and to the university's vision. The academic plan outlines the centrality of developing our students’ fundamental academic skills while also providing them with learning opportunities that will help prepare them for the future.

  • Increasing the number of new opportunities for expanded credentials, as well as more opportunities for experiential and entrepreneurial learning, both on and off campus.
  • Further integrating technology into the delivery of course content where it enables improved learning.
  • Continuing to focus on strategies for teaching and learning based on student engagement and broad-based learning outcomes.

See Strategic Framework: Student Learning Experience

See also: The Academic Plan

2. Strengthening our research prominence

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Queen’s is recognized as one of Canada’s outstanding research institutions, but sustaining and enhancing that status means guiding and supporting our research enterprise while resolutely pursuing funding.

  • Maintaining success rates in applications for Tri-Council funding.
  • Remaining among the country’s top three universities for faculty awards, honours and prizes, and election to major learned bodies such as the Royal Society of Canada.
  • Supporting the development and engagement of Queen’s faculty members as set out in the Senate-approved Strategic Research Plan.

See Strategic Framework: Research Prominence

3. Ensuring financial sustainability

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To support teaching and research into the future, the university will need stable and diverse revenue streams, particularly as government funding, per student, continues to fall.

  • Continuing strong revenue growth together with revenue diversification.
  • Meeting our $60-million annual fundraising target as part of the Initiative Campaign, while focusing on its overall achievement by 2016.
  • Pursuing long-term sustainability of our pension plan.

See Strategic Framework: Financial Sustainability

4. Raising our international profile

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The principal has frequently articulated that as global competition among universities increases over the next decade, it will not be sufficient to be simply "known" in one’s own country. Increasingly, the value of Queen's degrees will be tied to the university's international reputation, as will our ability to attract international students, who raise our profile and contribute a great deal to the academic environment.

  • Moving forward on multi-year plans to increase undergraduate international enrolment.
  • Maintaining our strong record in attracting international graduate students.
  • Supporting growth in international collaborations and partnerships.

See Strategic Framework: Internationalization

5. Promoting and developing talent

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If the university is going to thrive, we will need to ensure that we are able to acquire, develop and retain top quality faculty and staff. In 2013, Principal Woolf initiated a talent management strategy, which will provide a strategic approach to ensuring that Queen's has the right leaders in place and in the wings as we advance our academic mission and work to secure financial sustainability.

  • Continuing with succession planning efforts for academic and administrative leadership roles across the university.
  • Developing a competency model that will be used to identify necessary competencies when hiring, and for leadership development and performance dialogue discussions.
  • Refining our hiring practices.
  • Promoting discussion among the deans around faculty renewal.

What guides the priorities

At the beginning of each academic year, the principal outlines those goals and priorities that he intends to pursue over the course of the academic year. In 2014-2015, his goals are aligned with the four strategic drivers identified in the Queen’s University Strategic Framework 2014-2019, a document that will guide the university’s decision-making over the next five years.

On July 1, 2014, Principal Woolf began his second term at the university's helm. His primary goal, however, remains unchanged from what it was on day one: to advance Queen's as a university that uniquely combines quality and intensity of research with excellence in undergraduate and graduate education. The strategic drivers – the student learning experience, research prominence, financial sustainability and internationalization – directly support the success of Queen’s as a balanced academy.

It should be noted that the framework builds on and is fully aligned with The Third Juncture, a 10-year vision for Queen’s that Principal Woolf wrote in 2012, as well as a number of other recent planning documents including the Academic Plan (2011), the Strategic Research Plan (2012), the Teaching and Learning Action Plan (2014), and the Campus Master Plan (2014).