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Queen's University

Getting a Procurement Credit Card


Queen's University employees who routinely purchase for the University, can be designated by the head of their faculty or department to receive a Procurement Credit Card (P-Card).  The person applying for a P-Card must be a Queen's employee.  Please contact the Credit Card Program Manager (See Contact List) for more information.


The cardholder is required to read the Procurement Credit Card Policy and adhere to all P-Card policies and procedures. Individuals must complete the application form and sign a Cardholder Agreement Form before a P-Card can be released. All newly issued  P-Cards are mailed directly from US Bank to the Credit Card Program Manager at Strategic Procurement Services (SPS) for establishment in the P-Card settlement system. Cards can then be collected and require reconciliation training completed by contacting and arranging an appointment with the SPS Credit Card Program Manager who can be found in the contact list above.

The standard application process time is less than three weeks from the submission of applicant data to receipt of the card. The P-Card application form can be downloaded (P-Card Application) and must be filled out in its entirety, including both yours and a supervisors signature (who has authority to sign on the account), before it is sent to SPS with an explanation as to why the card is required.  As per the Procurement Card Policy the maximum single transaction limit is $5000 and the maximum monthly transaction limit is $20000.  


Activating and Registering your Procurement Card

The cardholder will be contacted by SPS Department once their new card has been received.  Cardholders will have 10 business days to pickup their card, registered it and receive the required reconciliation training.  If cards are not picked up within the 10 business their card will closed and returned to issuing financial institution.   After receiving a P-Card and signing a receipt form, which states how the card is to be used and reconciled, cardholders will need to activate the card  before they will be able to use it.  P-cards need to be activated within 24 hours of receipt.   To activate a procurement card follow the instructions that are received in the envelope with the card.

Like the rest of the Access Online features, self-registration has been designed to be intuitive; however, to ensure a positive experience, here are a few helpful hints:

Go to: and click on the “Register Online” link.

  • On the "Add Account" input screen, when asked to enter your organization short name, please use QU, your complete Visa Card account numberand the card’s expiration date
  • User ID’smust be 7 to 12 characters in length and must be alpha and/or numeric. User ID’s must also be unique; try to think of a distinctive ID (i.e., if your name is John F Smith try the User ID jofsmith3).  Passwordsmust be 8 to 20 characters in length, with at least one alpha and one numeric character and one special character.
  • User Verificationis used to authenticate your account if you forget your User ID or Password 
  • In the Contact Informationsection, Please make sure all information showing is current, if not please correct and save the new information.  Please insert a valid email address so proper notifications can be sent to you when needed (i.e., when your account is ready to be reconciled each month).

HINT - Do not forget to sign up for “email notification” which will prompt the system to send a message to your “IN” basket each month reminding you it is time to reconcile. This can be found under the “My Personal Information” tab.  Click on “Email Notification” type in your email address and go to the bottom of the page under “Statement Notification” and click “Status” to “Enable”.  Please note if you do not have transactions for the current month no email will be received, but the monthly "Account Activity" statement still needs to be printed and dual signatures obtained.

When entering information in self-registration, if any of the entered information is not valid the system returns an error message, you only have three attempts to correct the information. If all three attempts fail, the account with incorrect information will be locked out from self-registration. You will need to contact U.S. Bank Customer Service at (800) 588 8065 to unlock and reset your account.

 If you have any questions, please contact the U.S. Bank Customer Service at (800) 588-8065, or the Credit Card Program Manager.  

Inactive Cards 

If a card has not been used for an extended period of time (six months or more) SPS retains the right to cancel the card.

Renewal Cards

Cards are valid for a four year period and remain active through the month of expiry listed on the card. For example, a card with the expiry date of  '04/12' will remain active through all of April 2012 and expire on the last day of the month. All renewal cards are automatically sent to the Credit Card Program Manager 2 to 4 weeks prior to the expiration date of the card at which time you will be contacted via email for scheduled distribution  dates.  Renewal cards which are not collected by the cardholder within 14 days of the distribution event will be securely destroyed.  Cardholders would then have to reapply for a new card.

Cancellation and Returning Cards

It is the responsibility of the cardholder to return the physical plastic to Strategic Procurement Services (SPS) no less than 2 weeks prior to leaving the university upon termination of employment, retirement, leaving for sabbatical, or any other applicable circumstances.

Replacement Cards

For more information on what to do if a P-Card has been lost or stolen, please see the 'Lost & Stolen P-Card' section of the Troubleshooting a P-Card page.

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