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Queen's University

Troubleshooting a P-Card

Lost / Stolen / Damaged Cards 

In the event that a Queen's Procurement Credit Card is lost, stolen, cardholders are required to immediately notify US Bank at 1-800-588-8067 and then notify the Credit Card Program Manager, (See Contact List). If a card is damage beyond use contact US Bank who will forward a new card to the Credit Card Program Manager for the cardholder to pick up.

Returning An Item

Items should be returned directly to the supplier by whichever means the supplier requires. It is the cardholder's responsibility to return items and determine that proper credit is posted to the card for any returned item.

Disputing A Transaction

A cardholder may disagree with a charge that appears on their monthly credit card statement. Please do not click the "Dispute" button on the US Bank website. The cardholder is responsible for following up with a supplier for any erroneous charges, disputed items, or returns. Disputed charges can result from failure to receive goods, fraud or misuse, altered charges, defective merchandise, incorrect amounts, sales tax charges, duplicate charges, credits not processed, etc. The cardholder should contact the supplier first in order to resolve any outstanding issues. Most issues can be resolved in this way. When successful, make sure to get a name of the individual and a written confirmation of the credit from the supplier.

If a cardholder feels the transaction is a "Fraud" please contact US Bank immediately by calling 1 800 588 8067.  US Bank will direct you on the next steps to be taken.

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