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Obtaining Signatures on P0001 Forms

When completing a P0001 exemption form (P0001, P0001R, P0001C or P0001H) the Requester should ensure the justification provided for the exemption is clear and detailed enough to determine that it meets one of the exemptions on page 2 of the forms (or that a higher cost purchase provides better overall value in the case of a P0001H form).

The Requester should then sign the form and ensure the form has the necessary signatures from their Area or Faculty BEFORE submitting the form to Strategic Procurement Services (either by email, fax, campus mail or as an attachment to a requisition in PeopleSoft).  Forms that are not completed by the Requester's Area or Faculty will be returned so the applicable signatures can be obtained.

Strategic Procurement Services will review the forms and obtain any signatures from ORS/eQUIP, the Vice Principal's and the Principal if required (based on the $ value of the purchase) following authorization by the Director, Strategic Procurement Services.  If the justification provided does not meet one of the exemptions allowed under Federal Legislation the form will be returned unauthorized.  Steps should then be taken to provide a clearer justification or proceed with a competitive procurement process.

Do not send any P0001 forms directly to the Offices of ORS/eQUIP, the Vice Principal's or the Principal.  Any forms that are sent directly to these Offices will be forwarded to the Director, Strategic Procurement Services for review before any authorization is granted to proceed with the purchase.

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