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Queen's University

Preferred Supplier Show 2014 - Follow-Up

Many thanks to everyone who attended the Queen’s Preferred Supplier Show 2014 at the Bioscience Complex Atrium. 

The event was a great success.  It was an excellent opportunity to meet with customer service representatives and learn more about their products and services  It was also a great chance for those of us in Strategic Procurement Services to meet with the Queen's Community.


Overall, the event was enjoyed by well over 500 members of the Queen’s community who viewed over 30 displays exhibited by our Preferred Suppliers. The event showcased a number of goods & services, including cell phones, printing, office supplies, multi-function devices, lab supplies, promotional items, courier service, travel agencies and more.  Iron Mountain's Secure Document Storage team were also present as our newest addition to the preferred supplier list.


Thank you to Delta Printing, On Campus Printing and DigiGraphics for sponsoring the luncheon. Thanks also to all of Queen’s business partners for their support and generosity in supplying a multitude of samples and prizes that made the event even more enjoyable.


The lucky winners of the draw prizes were:

  • Lee Van Niedek, (Human Resources) - iPad Mini (courtesy of Strategic Procurement Services)
  • Shu-Mei He (Medicine) - Ergotron dual monitor workstation (courtesy of Ergotron)
  • Emily Johnston (Human Resources) - Bicycle (courtesy of Allan Graphics)
  • John Singleton (Cancer, Biology and Genetics), Mary Andrews (ASU) and Anupriya Trepathi (Environmental Studies) - $50 Gift Cards (courtesy of Delta Printing)
  • Meagan Connors (QSB) and Judy Vanhooser (Human Resources) - USB Headphones (courtesy of Delta Printing)
  • Chelsea Elliott (Physics) and Kathy Pixley (Undergraduate Admissions) - Bluetooth Speakers  (courtesy of Delta Printing)
  • Catherine Hagerman (Human Resources) and Barb Armstrong (Chemistry) - Big Headphones  (courtesy of Delta Printing
  • Tanya Ligthart (QSB) - Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (courtesy of Gilmore Reproductions)
  • John Singleton ( Cancer, Biology and Genetics) - Book of the Thousand Islands (Courtesy of Henderson Printing)
  • Stephen Hunt (Engineering & Applied Sciences) - $50 Best Buy Gift Card (courtesy of St Josephs Communications)
  • Jennifer Miller (QSB) - Cuisinart 2 in 1 Hot Beverage Centre (courtesy of OfficeMax)
  • Cheryl Descent (Clinical Education Centre) and Heather Tomalty (Biology) - Office Supplies Gift Baskets (courtesy of OfficeMax)
  • Tina Monument (QSB) - Keurig Coffee Maker (courtesy of Staples Advantage)
  • Michael White (PPS) - Samsung Galaxy Gear (courtesy of Rogers Communications)
  • Tina Monument (QSB) - Maritime Travel Gift Basket (courtesy of Maritime Travel)
  • Kathy Bowes (Undergraduate Admissions) - Travel Book (courtesy of Merit Travel)
  • Marcia Irving (Athletics) - Blue Jays jersey (courtesy of UPS)
  • John Forster (Mining) and Lihua Xue  (DBMS) - $50 Gift Cards (Courtesy of Canadawide Scientific)
  • Don Cameron (DBMS) - Coffee Maker (courtesy of Fisher Scientific)
  • Natalie Roy (DBMS) - Coffee Maker (Courtesy of Life Technologies)
  • Brenda Schamehorn (Biology) - iPod Shuffle (courtesy of Diamed)
  • Minh Tri Vo (Chem Eng) - USB Flashdrive Lanyard (courtesy of Diamed)
  • Darlene Davis (PGME) - Speakers  (courtesy of Diamed)
  • John Okello (Pathology) - Mug  (courtesy of Diamed)
  • Yuming Wang (DBMS) - Google Chromecast (courtesy of FroggaBio)
  • Brandy Hyndman (Cancer Biology & Genetics) - iPad Mini (courtesy of Promega)

To provide feedback or comments regarding this years show or suggestions for next years show please contact Steve YoungAndy Scotter or Eoin MacDonald.

Thanks again, and we hope to see you all next year!

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000