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RSS Feeds

Tired of wasting time checking websites for updated information? Want to stay informed, but don't want your inbox flooded with email?  The solution has arrived: RSS Feeds !

RSS Feeds are a digital format for delivering regularly changing web content directly to users. RSS, or 'Really Simple Syndication', is a XML-based file format used by website authors to summarize website content into a file can be easily shared with others. Think of it as a digital newspaper subscription that updates itself with all the latest articles as soon as they are published. All you have to do, is tune in.

RSS feeds can be created for an entire website, or multiple RSS feeds can be created for each section of a website. For example, the Queen's News Centre provides an RSS feed for its Media Alerts section that web publishers and journalists can access.

Every news item published by Strategic Procurement Services is automatically sent out through our RSS feed. The feed can be read and accessed through web browsers and RSS Feed Readers. A very simple feed reader to use is SharpReader; the layout is similar to an email program, listing the feeds you've subscribed to in the left-hand window (1), the articles available in that feed in the top window (2), and the actual article content in the bottom window (3).

SharpReader RSS Aggregator

 The Strategic Procurement Services RSS Feed can be accessed by clicking the following image, or from our home page. The image below is the official RSS Feed logo; if a website you are viewing displays this icon, then it signifies that the site publishes an RSS Feed, which you may subscribe to by clicking on the icon.


For other RSS feeds at Queen's, please see the Queen's News Centre's RSS Feed Channels section.

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