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Queen's University

Office Furniture

New Office Task Chairs, Desk Products, Panel Systems, Storage Products and Keyboard Systems

In 2006 Queen's University defined a new standard for office furniture. A competitive market process (RFP) was issued and the identified supplier that met the standard and price criteria was Teknion. 

As the end of the Teknion contract neared Office Task Chairs, Desk Products, Panel Systems, Storage Products and Keyboard Systems were put out to competitive tender again.  Grand & Toy (now part of OfficeMax) won the RFP and are now the sole supplier for new Office Systems Furniture* under the terms of our Enterprise agreement until it expires on Oct 30th, 2016.

Follow this link to see the new office standard




*Grand & Toy should be used for all of your Office Furniture needs unless you need to match existing furniture.

Supplier Contact Information



OfficeMax (Grand & Toy)

Shaunna Moore

Furniture Specialist

745 Development Drive, Kingston, ON K7M 4W6

Tel. 613-384-1502 x228

Please be aware that new office furniture is CUSTOM BUILT for your requirements. Before your furniture order can be placed, you will need to determine the furniture and approve the drawings.

The order will need approximately 6 WEEKS to fulfill from the time Grand & Toy receives the purchase order.

Please also note: All furniture orders must be placed on a purchase order.

Projects should be arranged and planned by Campus Planning.

Queen's University Campus Planning

Matching Existing Furniture

When receiving purchase orders for non-Grand & Toy furniture, Strategic Procurement Services will consult with Campus Planning to ensure that the furniture order qualifies as matching existing non-Grand & Toy furniture.

Upper Canada Office Systems may still be used for matching existing Steelcase furniture systems only.

Re-using or Recycling Furniture

In an effort to streamline the process for getting rid of unwanted furniture, the University has implemented an item exchange network, Freecycle.  This application provides a vehicle for the campus community to advertise items they no longer need for others to use with no cost attached.  It could be anything: office supplies, furniture, equipment, etc.  Using this site to exchange unwanted items saves money, ensures less waste goes to landfill and supports our campus culture of sustainability.  People who are interested can sign up right now at Freecycle

For more information on obtaining used furniture, contact the Queen's University Waste Coordinator (Llynwen Osborne, ext 33396).

If the furniture/equipment is broken and is not suitable for reuse, please visit the Waste Services website to fill out the appropriate disposal form.  Please note that there are separate forms for furniture and electronic waste pick-ups.  Waste Services will no longer be accepting phone calls for furniture and E-waste pick-ups. 

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000