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Queen's University

The Diversity and Equity Task Force (DET)

Note: The Diversity and Equity Task Force completed its work Fall 2011; the material below is available for information purposes. 

A growing team organized to establish a plan of action for implementing recommendations and to develop a comprehensive and coordinated strategy for enhancing diversity and achieving educational equity goals.


In November 2009, Vice-Principal (Academic) Patrick Deane announced the appointment of Dr. Adnan Husain as Director, Educational Equity & Diversity Projects, within the Office of the Vice-Principal (Academic).

“In preparing to report to Senate on progress made to date on recommendations made in the PAC and Henry reports I have concluded that a comprehensive, university-wide accounting of initiatives in this area is both more urgently needed and more difficult to accomplish than has hitherto appeared to be the case,” said Vice-Principal (Academic) Patrick Deane. “I am very grateful that Dr. Husain had agreed to do this and will serve as Director of Educational Equity and Diversity Projects.”


In his new role, Dr. Husain directs a small team, the Diversity and Equity Task Force (DET), which will complete an assessment of the various diversity and equity reports that have been tabled at Queen’s in the last two decades, as well as determine the present status of the recommendations outlined in those reports.  Priorities for implementation will then be identified and timelines set for completion over the short and longer terms. Finally, measures will be developed and proposed for insuring accountability and for integrating diversity and equity more fully into the governance and structure of university decision-making. 

One of the first steps of the DET will be to meet with members of the university community to learn more about the work currently being done and to discuss ideas going forward.

“Our excellence as a university is critically connected to our ability to foster a climate in which everyone feels both included in and stimulated or challenged by a diverse academic and institutional culture,” said Dr. Husain. “I will be looking to members of the Queen’s community to help devise strategies to enhance diversity and improving equity in their domains of expertise and responsibility.”


This section of the Provost's website is one tool that DET hopes will help keep the Queen's community informed of its activities and to solicit its participation and comment over the course of the Task Force's work.


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