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Queen's University

A letter from Dr. Adnan Hussain...

I am very heartened that Dr. Deane has chosen to shift the limited resources that are dedicated to Educational Equity and Diversity concerns at Queen’s in this direction, toward implementation of the many recommendations offered in reports stretching as far back as 1991. We have before us, then, an opportunity to achieve now some long standing and, frankly, necessary objectives. To do so, however, requires the committed support and cooperation also of the university community at large. 

The Diversity and Equity Taskforce will be conducting a survey of diversity and equity initiatives at the university. Comparative research to determine the best equity and diversity policies and practices in Canadian institutions of higher education has been commissioned to inform and guide deliberations.

We will be assessing the recommendations from:  
(links to these public reports are available through the pages of this website)

  • the PAC Report (1991),
  • the “Henry Report” (2004),
  • The Systems Review or “Norton” Report,
  • the DARE Panel Report (2009),
  • and the Employment Systems Review or Breslauer Report (2009), among others. 

We intend to develop a plan of action that identifies recommendations that can be easily implemented in the short term and prioritizes remaining recommendations and assesses the needs and resources for longer term implementation of programs and measures over the next few years.

To accomplish this the taskforce will be consulting broadly across the university administration, faculties, student groups and other bodies to devise a strategy to implement together the best policies and practices for enhancing diversity and improving educational and employment equity.  In other words, the taskforce will rely on your expertise in your domains of responsibility to assist in implementing recommendations in your domains of expertise and responsibility.

I hope you will agree with me that incorporating these concerns is actually crucial to performing our work better and achieving our educational mission more successfully and fully. Our excellence as a university, I believe, is critically connected to our ability to insure that Queen’s recruits a diverse student body, faculty, and staff and fosters a climate in which everyone feels both included in and stimulated or challenged by a diverse academic and institutional culture.  In this way, can everyone best achieve their potential. 

We look forward to working with you and to reporting soon to the university community and in appropriate bodies like Senate on our progress in outlining what will be needed to achieve these important goals at Queen’s. 

Look for announcements for upcoming events on this website.

The taskforce is eager to hear from you and will respond to inquiries about the work it is undertaking.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000