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Adolescent Dynamics Lab
From Left to Right: Alex Irwin, Heather Lawton, Jessica Lougheed, Kalee De France, Lorinda Bruinsma, Brittany Killer, Lauren Brandys, Kristen Antoniak, Liz Guzman, Paige Williams, Ariel Segal, Nicole Carmona, Miriam Lyon, Tom Hollenstein

People in the Lab

Lab Director


Tom Hollenstein, PhD

Current PhD Students

Dianna Lanteigne

Dianna Lanteigne

Current Year: PhD 2

Area of research: Emotional development across childhood and adolescence, especially risk factors associated with depression and anxiety; Emotional discordance among emotional experience, physiological arousal, and observed affect; Observational coding of self-conscious emotions; The relationship between emotion and cognitive processes such as attention, rumination, and autobiographical memory; School-based intervention programs


Jessica Lougheed

Jessica Lougheed


Current Year: PhD 1

Research Interests: Adolescent socioemotional development, the development of intrapersonal and interpersonal emotion regulation, dynamic systems methods


Current Masters Students

Alex Irwin

Alex Irwin


Current Year: MSc1


Research Interests: Alex is a first year MSc student studying Developmental Psychology. In her research, Alex explores individual differences in emotion and emotional regulation in youth. As her graduate thesis, Alex is investigating the socio-emotional mechanisms of chronic victimization in pre-adolescents.


Kalee DeFrance

Kalee DeFrance


Current Year: MSc 1

Research Interests: I am interested in emotional regulation and its impact on adolescent development. In particular, I am interested in examining interventions that could teach emotional regulation skills to young people in a preventative nature.


Current Honours Students

Lorinda Bruinsma

Lorinda Bruinsma


Research Interests: Lorinda is a 4th year student majoring in psychology with a minor in biology and currently completing her honours thesis in the Adolescent Dynamics Lab. She is looking at adolescent emotional regulation during stressful events and how this can be influenced by the presence of a close friend or family member.

Brittany Killer

Brittany Killer


Research Interests: Brittany is a 4th year psychology student completing her honours thesis in the Adolescents Dynamics Lab. She would like to go into Clinical Psychology, with a primary interest of working with children/adolescents. Currently, she is working on her honours thesis examining shame and victimization in children.

Current Research Assistants

Heather Lawton received a USSRF grant and is now currently organizing a study on Social Baseline Theory during the summer. This is now Heather’s 3rd year working in the Adolescent Dynamics Lab and she is interested in adolescent emotional regulation and development. Heather is looking forward to completing a Master's program in psychology the following year.

Sarah Cassidy is a 4th year psychology major volunteering to help run experiments. Her main interests in research lie in antisocial behaviour and clinical pathologies.

Keara Rodd is a 3rd year psychology student working in the Adolescents Dynamics Lab as an experimenter. Her research interests include the impact of social factors on emotional and cognitive development of children and adolescents.



Honours/MSc/PhD Students

Jennifer Eastabrook
Jennifer completed her PhD "Emotional Awareness and Alexithymia: Emotional Processing and Regulation in Adolescence" in the Adolescents Dynamics Lab in 2013. Jennifer is now the scientific advisor at AXON Communications.

Casey Fulford
Casey completed her undergraduate honour's thesis "Socialization Experiences in Relation to State Shame and Trait Shame" in 2013.

Tanya Lai
Tanya completed her undergraduate honour's thesis "Effect of Suppression on Emotional Expression, Experience and Arousal" in 2013.

Genna Pearce
Genna completed her undergraduate honour's thesis "Rumination and Aggression as Gender-Specific Mediators of Changes in Social Anxiety Across Adolescence" in 2013. Genna hopes to pursue a career in counselling.

Alexandra Ruddy
Liz completed her undergraduate honour's thesis "Depressive Symptoms and Emotion Regulation Difficulties as Predictors of Risk-Taking Behaviour and Perception in Adolescence" in 2013.

Liz Brown
Liz completed her undergraduate honour's thesis "Shame as Mediator Between Involvement in Bullying and Internalizing Disorders" in 2011.

Allison Rinne
Allison completed her undergraduate honour's thesis "Interpretations of Situational and Emotional Cues as Predictors of Emotional Reactions Following Peer Victimization" in 2011.

Lindsay Lavictoire 
Lindsay completed her MSc project "Affective Dynamics of Rejected Children in Triadic Peer Interactions in Early Childhood" in 2010.

Adrian McNeely
Adrian completed his undergraduate honour's thesis "Cardiac Indices of Mood Symptoms and Age-Related Differences in Female Adolescents" in 2010.

Shannon Cluett
Shannon completed her undergraduate honour's thesis "Differences in Coping Strategies and Emotion Regulation Associated with Alexithymia" in 2010. 

Jessica Flynn
Jess completed her MSc project "The Relation between Emotional Acceptance and Emotion Regulation in Adolescent Girls" in 2009. Jess is currently pursuing her PhD in clinical psychology at Kent State University.

Hanna Perry
Hanna completed her undergraduate honour's thesis "Associations between Emotion Regulation and Internalizing Symptoms in Adolescent Girls and their Mothers" in 2009. 

Julie Gerrits
Julie completed her honour's thesis "Individual Differences and Changes in Mother-Daughter Conflict Across Early Adolescence". Julie went on to complete her Masters in Counseling Psychology focusing on the relationship among family systems factors (i.e. parental stress and family functioning) and youth's residential treatment outcomes at The University of Western Ontario. 

Sera DeRubeis
Sera completed her honour's thesis "Individual Differences in Shame and Depressive Symptoms across the Adolescent Transition". Sara went on to complete a Master's degree in School and Clinical Child Psychology at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Under the supervision of Dr. Isabela Granic of the Hospital for Sick Children, she investigated how changes in parenting behaviours influence treatment outcomes for aggressive youth. 

Sarah Somerton 
Sarah completed her undergraduate honour's thesis "The Impact of the Interaction of Adolescent Inhibition and Family Expressiveness on Behaviour Problem Outcomes" in 2008.

Jenny Glozman
Jenny completed her undergraduate honour's thesis "Self-conscious Affect in Adolescence: Observed Behaviour and Relations to Depression" in 2008.

Research Assistants

Carolyn Bell

Emma Dargie

Jenn Forsyth

Weining (Will) Jiang

Leanne Kack

Gloria Kwong

SeungEun (Sunny) Lee

Allison Mackey

Zahra Moosa

Katie Phillips

Jordan Theriault

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