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    Research Team

    EELG.jpgThe Early Experience Lab Research Team!

    The Early Experience Lab focuses on understanding the social, cognitive, and neurobiological underpinnings of young children’s language and theory-of-mind development.

    Our research team consists of Dr. Mark Sabbagh and a group of graduate and undergraduate students, a lab coordinator and research assistants.

    Principle Investigator



    Dr. Mark Sabbagh


    Mark completed an undergraduate degree at UC Santa Cruz (1993), graduate work at University of Oregon (1998), and his postdoctoral training at the University of Michigan (2000).


    Click here for Mark Sabbagh’s CV

    Jeanette Benson


    Dr. Jeanette Benson
    Post-Doctoral Fellow

    Jen is from Toronto, Ontario. She recently completed her PhD in Psychology here at Queen's, and is now working on a number of projects in the lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Her research aims to better understand the roles that both cognitive factors (e.g., executive functioning skills) and neuro-maturational processes play in experience-driven conceptual change. Here work to date has  examined the involvement of these factors in conceptual change within social domains. 


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    Click here for Jen’s CV




    Nicole Bardikoff
    PhD 2

    Nicole is from Toronto, Ontario. She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at McGill University, and her Master’s in the Psychology of Individual Differences at the University of Edinburgh. Nicole is in the second year of her PhD in Developmental Psychology, she studies the development of executive functioning in young children. 



    Haykaz Mangardich 
    MSc 2


    Haykaz is from Toronto, Ontario. He completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology at York University, and is in the second year of his master's in Developmental psychology. Haykaz is interested in children's social learning broadly, and how this influences their language development.




    Vanessa Schell 
    MSc 2


    Vanessa is a second year MSc student in the Clinical Psychology program. She is from Calgary, Alberta and completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary. She is interested in children’s acquisition and understanding of the social and linguistic conventions that govern our everyday interactions.



    Amanda Rose Hammons

    MSc 1


    Amanda Rose is form Portland, Oregon and completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Oregon. Amanda Rose is in her first year as a Master's student in Developmental Psychology. Her research concerns the role of social learning in language acquisition, with particular interest in the early acquisition of grammar.




    Jessica Ho,
    Undergraduate Honours Student


    Jessica is from Markham, Ontario. She is currently in her fourth year of Psychology and Concurrent Education here at Queen's. For her undergraduate honours thesis, she will be examining social factors that influence theory of mind development .



    Meagan Murphy, 
    Undergraduate Honours Student


    Meagan is from Toronto, Ontario. She is currently in the final year of her undergraduate degree at Queen's, completing her Honours Thesis. Meagan is interested in the contextual factors related to theory-of-mind reasoning, including our understanding of how memory influences the beliefs and actions of others.

    Lab Coordinator


    Kirsten Quistberg


    Kirsten manages the Early Experience Lab and helps to coordinate the many research projects that are being conducted in the lab.

    Interested in joining our research team? Download our Research Assistant application form here, and email the completed form to 

    Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000