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People in the Lab


Stanka A. Fitneva

Stanka A. Fitneva, Ph. D. Cornell University

Research Assistants

  • Martha Palm-Leis, 4th year Psychology major, but started in linguistics. Not surprisingly, Martha is looking into SLP programs.
  • Jennifer Manzon, 4th year Psychology major, applying to occupational therapy programs this fall
  • Daniel Warner, 4th year Psychology major. Our code warrior!
  • Kathleen Xu, 3rd year Psychology major.
  • Justine Fehr, 3rd year Psychology major.
  • Carolyn Rotenberg, 2nd year Life Science major. Have you heard of the OHS study? Ask Carolyn!
  • Jocelyn Ma, 2nd year Life Sceince major.
  • Andrea Pang, 4th year Psychology major.
  • Daniel Boyle, 4th year Linguistics major.  

(some) Lab Alumni

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  • Kristen Dunfield, MA, 2006. Deciding who to ask: Informants' past accuracy and children's information seeking behavior. Kristen won a CPA award for her master's thesis.
  • Rana Pishva, MA, 2010. Rana examined the influence of perceived helpfulness and knowledgeability on children's information seeking. She is pursuing her PhD in Kate Harkness's lab.
  • Erin White, honours student 2004-2005, now graduate student at McGill
  • Gabrielle Cole, independent studies on bilingualism 2005, then worked for Planned Parenthood in New Delhi. Now applying to MSW programs.
  • Courtney Fitzgerald, 2003 - 2006, a teacher!
  • Bronwen Fullerton, honours student 2005-2006, graduate student in SLP at the University of Toronto
  • Elizabeth Pile, did it all 2004-2007, graduate student in SLP at the University of Toronto
  • Scott Ross, honours student 2006-2007, travelling...
  • Ashley Frabmach, independent studies 2008, ... still aspiring to be an audiologist?
  • Amanda Timmers, a volunteer 2007 - 2008. Amanda is a clinical graduate student at Queen's (still helps us with recording stimuli!).
  • Kristin Hadfield, honours student 2008-2009, the day after submitting her thesis Kristin flew to China, now in graduate school in Trinity College, Ireland
  • Antonia Dalgantcheva, independent studies 2009, studied children's use of questions, now in graduate school in Simon Fraser (child psychology).
  • Laurel Dault, honours student 2009-2010, a graduate student at Queen's.
  • Arielle Mida, honours student 2009-2010, now pursueing a teaching degree at OISE.
  • Justin Goddrad, honours student 2009-2010, now applying to graduate programs in counselling psychology.
  • Nietzsche Lam, a volunteer 2007-2010, currently a grad student at the MPI, Nijmegen, focusing on the neural bases of language.
  • Amy Wainer, honours student 2010 - 2011, a graduate student in SLP.
  • Jaime Leung, a volunteer 2008-2011, applying to grad school.
  • Ena Vukatana, a volunteer and independent studies student 2008-2011, pursuing psychology graduate studies at Calgary.

Fall 2005

Fall, 2005

Our Japanese team: summer 2005

Japanese Team

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