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Queen's University

Stress, Neurodevelopment & Emotions Lab

Get Involved


We are currently recruiting volunteers. If you are a Queen’s student and looking to obtain more experience in interdisciplinary human research, please send a short CV and a brief motivation letter to Dr. Booij. Depending on research interests and previous experience, there could also be possibilities for special directed lab or reading courses.

Prospective Graduate Students

The research in the Stress, Neurodevelopment and Emotions Laboratory (SNEL) is highly multidisciplinary. Therefore, students with either a clinical, developmental, or neuroscience interest are considered. The exact thesis topic depends on interests and previous experience, and could vary from doing more clinically-oriented research activities in patient samples, to working with previous collected data from large longitudinal studies, to doing basic lab work with human biological material, or a combination of all of these. Usually, students will work in 1-2 specialty areas and will receive basic training in other aspects of the research in the lab.
We will be recruiting 1-2 graduate students for the fall of 2014. Students will be following the graduate clinical, BBCS, or developmental Psychology program at Queen’s and will do their research in the SNEL lab. Interested students are encouraged to contact Dr. Booij before filling in the general application form, to discuss current specific possibilities / needs in the lab. Please also check the graduate studies website for more general information and eligibility requirements.

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