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Kevin Munhall

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B.A., (Hon.) University of Waterloo, 1977
M.A., McGill University, 1980
Ph.D., McGill University, 1984

T: 613.533.6012

343 Humphrey Hall
Psychology Department
Queen's University
Kingston, ON K7L 3N6

Research Interests

Conversation is one of our most common and highly skilled activities. When we talk with other people, we perceive and produce a remarkable amount of social, emotional and linguistic information. This information is conveyed visually through the movements of our face and body and acoustically through our voice. In my laboratory, we study the perceptual and cognitive activities that make conversation possible. We use a variety of experimental techniques such as eye tracking, motion capture, animation and psychophysics to explore the multisensory processes and brain structures that are involved in face-to-face communication.

Selected Publications

MacDonald E.N., Johnson E.K., Forsythe J., Plante P., & Munhall K.G. (2012). Children's Development of Self-Regulation in Speech Production. Current Biology, 22,  113-117.

Buchan, J.N. &Munhall, K.G. (2012). The Effect of a Concurrent Cognitive Load Task and Temporal Offsets on the Integration of Auditory and Visual Speech Information, Seeing and Perceiving, 25, 87-106.

Mitsuya, T., MacDonald, E.N., Purcell, D.W. & Munhall, K.G. (2011). A cross-language study of compensation in response to real-time formant perturbation. Journal of Acoustical Society of America, 130, 2978-2986.

Mansour, J. K., Lindsay, R. C. L, Brewer, N., & Munhall, K. G. (2009). Characterizing visual behaviour on a lineup task. Applied Cognitive Psychology. 23:7, 1012-1026.

Munhall, K.G., ten Hove, M., Brammer, M., Paré, M. (2009). Audiovisual integration of speech in a bistable illusion.  Current Biology, 19, 1-5.