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Queen's University

Step-By-Step Instructions




Request Your Program   

  • Go to SOLUS
  • Request your first-choice program (e.g. BAH MAJ PSYC)
  • Request your alternate program (e.g. BAH MED PSYC HLTH)
  • You may change your program selections up until the final deadline.

Admission to Year Two: If you are not accepted into a BAH/BSCH/MAJ PSYC program as a first choice, you will be considered for a BAH/BSCH/MED PSYC program ONLY IF IT IS YOUR ALTERNATE REQUEST. 


Year 4 PSYC Students

MAY 13 - 24, 2013 - Advanced course selection for YR4 Students only

To ensure that 4th year students get enough courses to graduate, PSYC will be having an advanced course selection for all 300-, 400- and 500-level PSYC courses. 

  • Go to the web site: This web site is independent of, and not accessible through, SOLUS In order to access the web site, you must log in using your Queensu userid and password; select your concentration and you will be redirected to a page listing PSYC courses.
  • Select the 300-, 400- and 500-level PSYC courses you want in 11-12 in order of preference.
  • Select some alternate courses (maximum of 5) in case you don't get into your first choices.
  • You may select any course for which you have the prerequisite, regardless of the level.
  • You will NOT be allowed into more PSYC credits than are required by your degree program during preregistration


BEGINNING JULY 1st, access SOLUS to obtain your assigned "APPOINTMENT TIME" for selecting courses. These times are randomly generated according to your level at the University beginning with level 4 students. Your Appointment Time advises you when to access SOLUS to begin selecting your 2011-12 Fall-Winter courses. You should request your courses at the BEGINNING of your Appointment Time. Course selection ends on July 15th.

Appointment Time: Schedule for Class Enrollment

15-16 July:     Appointment Times issued to 4th and 1st year Students

17 July:        Appointment Times issued for 1st  year students    

18-19 July:     Appointment Times issued to 3rd and 1st  students

20-21 July:      No new appointment times issued on these dates

22-23 July: Appointment Times issued to 2nd year students

25 July-2 Aug: No new appointment times issued, open to all students


*Once an Appointment Time begins, you may enroll in classes to Aug 2nd

YR4 Course Confirmation


  • Students are expected to review the PSYC courses they are preregistered in on SOLUS. This is the time to preregister in electives and 200-level PSYC courses. 4th year students will be PREVENTED from adding 300-, 400- and 500-level PSYC courses during Preregistration. *Do not drop a course you need, until you've been added to another.*
  • If you did not get enough PSYC courses to graduate, contact the PSYC UG Office immediately!

NOTE: Advanced Course Selection decisions are based on Enrolment Priorities (Academic Regulation 3).

  • If you were accepted into a BAH/BSCH MAJ/MED PSYC program, there will be enough seats in PSYC 202/3.0 and PSYC 203/3.0 or PSYC 300/6.0 for you!
    We restrict PSYC 202/3.0 and PSYC 203/3.0, PSYC 205/3.0 and PSYC 215/3.0 to students in PSYC or other programs that require them to fulfill their requirements (concentration core or concentration options).
  • We restrict 300-level and above PSYC courses to students in PSYC or other programs that require them to fulfill their requirements (concentration options).
  • Other departments may choose to give priority to their own concentrators by restricting access to their core courses. In most cases, these courses will be available to all students during open enrollment beginning September 5th. If there is space available and you meet the prerequisites then you will be able to add the course.

SOLUS will give you a message if a course is restricted to students in specific degree programs. It will also immediately notify you if you were allowed to register.

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