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Queen's University

Cognitive Neuroscience of Communication and Hearing

PSYC 215/0.5: Experimental Psychology: Perception

Course Description:

An introduction to sensory information processing and perception designed to elucidate basic principles involved in seeing, hearing and touch. Topics include visual perception of form, motion, colour, depth and pattern recognition; auditory perception of pitch, loudness, timbre, auditory space, pattern perception and speech; and, tactile and haptic perception of pressure, shape, texture and material properties. Enrolment is limited.


70 per cent in PSYC 100.

PSYC 380/0.5: Advanced Perception

Course Description:

This advanced course in visual and auditory perception will integrate findings from neuroanatomy and physiology with psychophysics, perception, and behaviour. Information processing will be traced from sensory structures through to motor output and communicative behaviour. The course will introduce you to psychophysical and neurophysiological methodology and will contain many demonstrations and hands-on experiments.


PSYC 203, 215.


PSYC 917/0.5: Functional magnetic resonance imaging methods in cognitive neuroscience (Winter 2006)

Course Description:

This course will acquaint student with current 'best practice' in the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) as a tool to investigate cognitive function. Topics will include experimental design, data processing and analysis, as well as statistical inference and localization. 1.5 term hours; Winter.

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