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Fabienne Samson
    • Ph.D., Biomedical sciences, Center of Excellence for Pervasive Developmental Disorders, University of Montreal, 2006 - 2011
    • M.Sc., Biomedical sciences, Center of Excellence for Pervasive Developmental Disorders, University of Montreal, 2005 - 2006
    • B.Sc., Biomedical sciences, University of Montreal, 2002 - 2004


      My research training has been focussed on cognitive neuroscience, auditory processing and autism. For my PhD, I was interested in understanding how atypical auditory behaviours map onto cortical function. Considering the high rate of atypical reactions to sound among people with autism, I used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to investigate the organization of the auditory cortex in this population. Furthermore, I developed interests in both empirical and theoretical aspects of auditory cortical processing and investigated the functional specialization of human auditory cortex using quantitative meta-analysis.



      PDFs available. Email request here.



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      Samson, F., Zeffiro, T.A., Toussaint, A. & Belin, P. (2011) Stimulus complexity and categorical effects in human auditory cortex: an Actvation Likelihood Estimation meta-analysis , Frontiers in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience, 1, 241

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      Tel: (613) 533-6000 ext:78206


      Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000