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Queen's University

Visual and Auditory Neuroscience Lab

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1996 - Current Publications

1990 - 1995 Publications

1980 - 1989 Publications

1965 - 1979 Publications

Conferences and Poster Presentations

Selected Abstracts


1965 - 1979 Publications

Richardson, B.L. and Frost, B.J. Tactile localization of the direction and distance of sounds. Perception and Psychophysics, 1979, 25(4), 336-344.

Wong, S.C.P. and Frost, B.J. Apparent subjective acceleration and motion induced by movement of the observer's entire visual field. Perception and Psychophysics, 1978, 24(2), 115-120.

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Frost, B.J. The optokinetic basis of headbobbing in the pigeon. Journal of Experimental Biology, 1978, 74, 187-195.

Nelson, J.I. and Frost, B.J. Orientation-selective inhibition from beyond the classical visual receptive field. Brain Research, 1978, 139, 357-365.

Richardson, B.L. and Frost, B.J. Sensory substitution and the design of an artificial ear. Journal of Psychology, 1977, 96, 259-285.

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Frost, B.J. Subjective colors: an objective color artifact. Journal of Psychology, 1965, 60, 251-254.


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