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Queen's University

Visual and Auditory Neuroscience Lab

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1996 - Current Publications

1990 - 1995 Publications

1980 - 1989 Publications

1965 - 1979 Publications

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1980 - 1989 Publications

Frost, B.J., Wang, Y-C., and Jiang, S-V. Specificity for leading edge occlusion in tectal and n. isthmi cells in the pigeon. Investigative Ophthalmology, 1989, 30, 300.

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Brooks, P.L., Frost, B.J., Mason, J.L. and Gibson, D.M. Acquisition of a 50 word vocabulary and identification of voicing and manner of articulation cues by the profoundly deaf using the Queen's University Tactile Vocoder. Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, 1987, 30, 137-141.

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