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Visual and Auditory Neuroscience Lab

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1996 - Current Publications

1990 - 1995 Publications

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1996 - Current Publications

Wylie, D.R.W. and Frost, B.J. The pigeon optokinetic system: Visual input in extraocular muscle coordinates. Visual Neuroscience, 1996, 13, 945-953. [Abstract]

Li, L. and Frost, B.J. Azimuthal sensitivity of pinna reflex: EMG recordings from cervicoauricular muscles of decerebrate rats. Hearing Research, 1996, 100, 192-200.

Frost, B.J. and Sun, H.J. Visual motion processing for figure/ground segregation, collision avoidance, and optic flow analysis in the pigeon. Chapter 5. In: M.V. Srinivasan and K. Venkatesh (eds.) From Living Eyes to Seeing Machines, Oxford University Press, London, 1997, pp. 80-103.

Marlin, S.G., Tong, F., David, S. and Frost., B. Testing Cognitive Maps of Immersive 3D Virtual Reality Environments. Proceedings of the 4th conference of the Australasian Cognitive Science Society, 1997 (In Press).

Sun, H.-J. and Frost, B.J. Motion processing in pigeon tectum: Equiluminant chromatic mechanisms. Experimental Brain Research, 1997, 116, 434-444. [Abstract]

Li, L., Korngut, L.M., Frost, B.J. and Beninger, R.J. Prepulse inhibition following lesions of the inferior colliculus: Prepulse intensity functions. Physiology and Behavior, 1998 (In Press).

van der Willigen, R.F., Frost, B.J. and Wagner, H. Stereoscopic depth perception in the owl. NeuroReport, 1998, 9(6), 1233-1237. [Abstract]

van der Willigen, R.F., Frost, B.J. and Wagner, H. Functionality and limits of disparity based stereopsis in the Owl (Tyto alba). In: N. Elsner and R. Wehner (eds.) New Neuroethology on the Move, Thieme, 1998, 9, 3-7.

Sun, H.J. and Frost, B.J. Computation of different optical variables of looming objects in pigeon nucleus rotundus neurons. Nature Neuroscience, 1998, 1, 296-303. (Written up in "News & Views" section 1, 261-263). [Abstract]

Wylie, D.W., Bischof, W.F. and Frost, B.J. Common reference frame for neural coding of translational and rotational optic flow. Nature, 1998, 392, 278-282. (Written up in "News & Views" section 392, 231-232). [Abstract]

Wylie, D.W. and Frost, B.J. Responses of neurons in the nucleus of the basal optic root to translational and rotational flowfields. Journal of Neurophysiology, 1999, 81, 267-276.

Wylie, D.W. and Frost, B.J. Complex spike activity of purkinje cells in the ventral uvula and nodulus of pigeons in response to translational optic flowfields. Journal of Neurophysiology, 1999, 81, 256- 266.

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Frost, B.J. and Wylie, D.W. A common frame of reference for the analysis of optic flow and vestibular information. In: Neuronal Processing of Optic Flow, M. Lappe (ed.) Academic Press, 2000, 44:121-140.

Troje, N. and Frost, B.J. Head-bobbing in pigeons: How stable is the hold phase? Journal of Experimental Biology, 2000, 203:935-940. (Written up in New Scientist, 165(2227):23). [Abstract]

Frost, B.J. Neural processing of visual and auditory information. Chapter 2. In: Psychology at the Turn of the Millenium, Vol. 1 (L. Bäckman and C. von Hofsten, eds.). Psychology Press, 2002, 29-53.

Van der Willigen, R.F., Frost, B.J. and Wagner, H. Depth generalization from stereo motion parallax in the owl. Journal of Comparative Physiology A., 2002, 187:997-1007.

Mouritsen, H. and Frost, B.J. Virtual migration in tethered flying monarch butterflies reveals their orientation mechanisms. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2002, 99:10162-10166. [Abstract]

Mouritsen, H., Huyvaert, K.P., Frost, B.J. and Anderson, D.J. Waved albatrosses can navigate without a functional magnetic compass. Journal of Experimental Biology, 2003, 206, 4155-4166.

van der Willigen, R.F., Frost, B.J. and Wagner, H. How owls structure visual information. Animal Cognition, 2003. 6:39-55.

Anderson, D.J., Huyvaert, K.P., Wood, D.R., Gillikin, C.L., Frost, B.J. and Mouritsen, H. At-sea distribution of Waved Albatrosses and the Galápagos Marine Reserve. Biological Conservation, 2003, 110:367-373.

Frost, B. J. and Sun, H. The Biological Bases of time-to-collision computations. Chapter 2 in: Theories of time to contact. H. Hecht and G.J.P. Savelsbergh, eds. Advances in Psychology, North Holland, 2004, pp. 13-37.

Poirier, F.J.A.M., & Frost, B.J. Global orientation aftereffect in multi-attribute displays: implications for the binding problem. Vision Research, 2004, 45, 497-506.

Stalleicken, J., Mukhida, M., Labhart, T, Wehner, R., Frost, B. & Mouritsen, H. Do monarch butterflies use polarized skylight for migratory orientation? Journal of Experimental Biology, 2005, 208, 2399-2408.

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