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Graduate Studies In Psychology

Social-Personality Psychology: Faculty

Lee Fabrigar

Lee Fabrigar, Ph.D.

My primary research interests fall within the domain of attitude and persuasion research.

Cynthia Fekken, Ph.D.

My research has focused on structured personality assessment.

Ronald Holden, Ph.D.

My research has three primary interests: (a) suicide; (b) strategies for constructing inventories of personality and psychopathology; and (c) methods for detecting faking on self-report inventories.

Jill Jacobson, Ph.D.

My research primarily falls within the areas of motivated social cognition, particularly the social consequences of depression.

Li-Jun Ji, Ph.D.

I am interested in understanding the relationships between culture and cognition.

Rod Lindsay, Ph.D.

Adult eyewitness reliability, police procedures for obtaining eyewitness evidence, methods of obtaining superior evidence from eyewitnesses, and the effects of eyewitness evidence in court.

Tara MacDonald, Ph.D.

I am generally interested in studying situations in which people fail to attend to all of the relevant information in their environment, and the reasons for this neglect.