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International Students

Details for the international visa student graduate program tuition fee at Queen's (including associated fees) can be found on the Registrar' Office website Graduate Tuition Fees

Visa students registered in either the M.Sc. or the Ph.D. program and who have an 80% average will be eligible for an International Tuition Award (ITA). It is anticipated that an ITA will continue to assist the student in the subsequent years of the program through two years of an M.Sc. and 4 years of the Ph.D. program, as long as the student's rate of progress and academic performance are satisfactory.

It should also be made clear that government regulations may make the financial situation of non-Canadian students very difficult. First, while in this country on a student visa, a student may be allowed to work in Canada, subject to various conditions; however, this potential source of employment should not be relied on as evidence of sufficient funds for immigration purposes. Second, while on a student visa the student must be enrolled full-time in the graduate program. Third, a full-time student must limit Teaching Assistantship employment on-campus to an average of ten hours per week in each term.

While we understand that such policies may impose financial difficulties, we do not wish international students to think that they are not welcome in our program. Indeed, we do welcome such students but feel bound to inform them of the potentially difficult financial situation in which they may find themselves especially in the later years of their program.

All new international graduate students whose first language is not English are required to be assessed for oral proficiency in English before they can be assigned a Teaching Assistantship other than marking. Please see the School of Graduate Studies website for more details.

For more information including estimated living expenses, please visit the School of Graduate Studies International Students page.