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Graduate Studies In Psychology
Why Graduate Studies in Psychology at Queen’s University?

We are a vibrant, productive Department of Psychology comprising approximately 30 faculty members, 15 staff members, 100 graduate students, a dozen post-doctoral fellows, and over two thousand undergraduates. We educate and train at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral levels and strive to develop individuals who can excel in contributing to research and to society.

Within our Department’s graduate program, our strengths are our students and, in them, we look to promote leading research, applied practice, and teaching. In doing so, we emphasize:

1.    Understanding of human behaviour.
2.    Learning of scientific principles and methods.
3.    Critical thinking.
4.    Innovative, cutting-edge research.
5.    Employability.

Our areas of graduate study include Brain, Behaviour, & Cognitive Science; Clinical Psychology; Developmental Psychology; and Social/Personality Psychology. When you join us, you will be well-funded and you will be welcomed into highly productive, research laboratories that aim to develop and to maximize your individual talents and potentials.

Located in Kingston, Ontario, you will find our Department and University to be centrally and conveniently situated within a warm, welcoming city.

We invite you to come and join us on an exciting expedition of discovery and skill development!