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People in the Lab

People in the Lab - 2013-2014

I am very fortunate to have a group of bright and dedicated students working with me. Currently three graduate students are working in my lab. I plan to take on one more graduate student in 2014. I will consider both domestic and outstanding international applicants. In addition, there are many undergraduate students working in my lab as volunteer research assistants.


Post-Doctoral Fellow:

Sieun An

Sieun An

I am originally from S. Korea, and moved to the US for my higher education. I earned a B.A. from SUNY Albany in Psychology (minor: Sociology), and an M.A. and a Ph.D. from New Mexico State University in Experimental Psychology.


Area of research: My two main research interests are general social cognition and emotion (particularly how people conceptualize emotion), and I like to research them from a cross-cultural perspective. When time allows, I love going to art museums, botanical gardens, and classical concerts; it gives me time to refresh myself, helps me think, and often gives me a new perspective on the topics in which I am interested.


Graduate Students:

Michelle Chan

Michelle Chan

Area of research: It's my first year joining the lab as a PhD student. I'm generally interested in how cultures shape one's thinking and behaviors, especially on social relationship, perception of pain and suffering. I'm also interested in how immigrants are influenced mentally and physically during the process of cultural adaptation. In my spare time, I enjoy playing music (piano/guitar) and cooking food of different cultures.

Mark Khei

Mark Khei

Area of research: I am currently a graduate student with Professor Ji at Queen's University. Broadly, I'm interested in understanding the influence of culture and social environments in people's decision making. I adopt a multidisciplinary and integrative approach to my research, drawing upon both diverse theories and methods from fields such as social psychology, behavioral economics, and the evolutionary perspective. When time permits, I dedicate my time to Literature and the creative process, penning proses, and short stories.

Ning Zhang

Ning Zhang

Area of research: I am a second year graduate student at the culture and cognition lab. My interests in psychology dated back to my undergraduate study in humanities at Wuhan University. I am especially interested in the role of culture in shaping people’s thinking and behavior. Currently, I am working on research projects focusing on the following topics: cultural differences in decision-making, moral judgment, and subjective well-being. In my spare time, I like listening to classic music, photographing and learning about different cultures through reading and travelling.

Research Assistants:

Darcie Drew 

Darcie Drew

Area of Research: I am a third year Psychology student, this will be my second year in the lab. I am interested in cultural and developmental psychology, particularly in the way that culture and environment affect the brain and genes. In the future I plan on either teaching high school or pursuing clinical psychology. In my spare time I enjoy reading, drinking tea, and swing dancing.

Si Yan Jing

Si Yan Jing

Area of Research: I am a third year Psychology major student. This is my first year working in the Culture and Cognition lab. I have a wide range of interests in psychology, which primarily focuses on cross-cultural psychology, social psychology, and mechanisms of thought processes. I hope to pursue a career in psychiatry in the future. I like reading, writing, music, and Chinese culture.

Betty Li

Betty Li

Area of research: I am a second year specializing in Life Science and this is my first year working in the Culture and Cognition Lab. I am interested in how different cultural environments influence both cognition processes and social behaviours.  After graduating, I hope to attend medical school and pursue a career in neuroscience or psychiatry.  Outside of my academics, I enjoy sketching, playing music and travelling.

Stella Moon

Stella Moon

Area of research: I am a third year Psychology major and English minor. I am particularly interested in the influence of cultural differences on social behaviours and marketing. I spent this summer in Korea and got to experience the cultural differences that I didn't notice before. As a returning research assistant this year, I hope to provide more help in the lab and gain more research experience. After completing my undergraduate degree, I hope to study in law school.

Feiyang Pan

Feiyang Pan

Area of research: I am a second year Psychology major with a Biology minor. This is my first year working at the lab. I am particularly interested in how cognition varies in different cultures and how that can affect our behaviour and decision making. In the future I hope to pursue a career in medicine or neuroscience. I enjoy swimming, running and cooking during my off time.

Suhui Yap

Suhui Yap

Area of research: I graduated with an honours degree in Psychology and a minor in Business. After graduating, I worked as a behavioural therapist for children with ASD for 2 and a half years. I am interested to learn more about the interactions between various aspects of social cognitive developments, their influence on children's social developments, and individuals' day-to-day social relationships. I am planning to pursue my PhD at Queen's U in the near future. When I have time, I dabble in novel readings, wine appreciation and yoga!


Former Graduate students

Albert Lee, PhD (2013)

Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore

Roy Spina, PhD (2009)

Senior Lecturer (equivalent to associate professor), University of Chichester (U.K.) 

Tieyuan Guo, PhD (2008)

Assistant Professor, University of Macau (China)

Deanna Messervey, PhD (2008)

Research Scientist, Defense Research and Development Canada, Ottawa

Lindsay Schaefer, MS (2010)

Settlement Worker In the Schools Coordinator, Association for New Canadians, St. Johns


Former undergraduate students

(If you don’t see your name here or would like to send me an update, I’ll be more than happy to hear from you)


Kelly Huang (2014)

Nursing program at University of Toronto

Melissa Lucas (2014)

Graduate student in Biology at Western University

Marissa Walter (2014)

MBA student at Dalhousie University

Jennifer Zhang (2014)

Medical School at Western University

Carly Parsons (2013)

Graduate student in psychology at UBC

Kelsey Jacobson (2013)

Master student (in Theatre), University of London, UK

Sam Rosenbaum (2013)

Proctor and Gamble

Gillian Harper (2012)

Graduate student at Adler School of Professional Psychology

Kayla McGeorge (2012)

Graduate student in counseling psychology, University of Toronto

Taryn Mototsune (2012)

Graduate student in counseling psychology, University of Western Ontario

Jovian Wat, B.S. (2011)

Graduate student at UBC.

Mike Best, B.S. (2011)

Graduate student in clinical psychology at Queen’s

Victoria Chen, B.S. (2011)

Graduate student at McGill University

Matt McAdam, B.S. (2010) 

Teaching English and French in Japan 

Mark Daubaras, B.S. (2010) 

PhD student at McGill University

Michelle Tong, B.S. (2010) 

PhD student at Cornell University

Chris Humphries, B.S. (2009)

MBA from Dalhousie University, on his way to being a successful entrepreneur 

Claudia Tsui, B.S. (2009) 

MA in psychology from Queen’s University, heading to Medical school

Chloe Lei, B.S. (2007) 

Master of Information at U of T 

Connie Fan, B.S. (2006) 

MA in Journalism from Ryerson University 

Robyn Saaltink, B.AH. (2005) 

MA student in child and youth studies at Brock University 

Kristy Holmes, B.S. (2003) 

Received Master’s degree from Queen’s Business School, working at a consulting firm now 

Esther Usborne, B.S. (2003) 

PhD from McGill University 



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