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Recent Publications

Ebel-Lam, A., Fabrigar, L.,MacDonald, T.K., & Jones, S. (in press). Balancing causes and consequences: The proportionality principle in explanations for complex social events. Basic and  Applied Social Psychology.
Fabrigar, L.R., Wegener, D T., & MacDonald, T.K.  (2010).  Distinguishing between prediction and influence: Multiple processes underlying attitude-behavior consistency. In C.R. Agnew, D.E. Carlston, W.G. Graziano, & J.R. Kelly (Eds.), Then a miracle occurs: Focusing on behavior in social psychological theory and research. New York, NY: Oxford University Press

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Dal Cin. S., MacDonald, T.K., Fong, G.T., Zanna, M. P., & Elton, T.E. (2006). Remembering the Message: Using a Reminder Cue to Increase Condom Use Following a Safer Sex Intervention. Health Psychology, 25, 448-443.

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