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  • A Message from the Associate Department Head

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  • Remembering Rudy Kalin

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  • Clinic Report

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  • Lola Cuddy
  • Janet Menard
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  • Focus on the Social-Personality program
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A Final Word on...

  • The Association of Graduate Students in Psychology  

A Message from Associate Department Head, Roderick Lindsay

Reflections on the passing
of Rudy Kalin

I am going to let the rest of the newsletter speak for itself and take my space here to comment on a personal history and loss.

When I interviewed at Queen’s 29 years ago, Andrew McGhie was Head of the Department; but Andy was in the hospital at the time and I did not meet him. For me, the face of the Department was the Associate Head, Rudy Kalin. I immediately liked Rudy and came to appreciate more and more over time the feature I liked most about him – he was a “straight shooter.” Rudy would say what he thought and mean what he said.

So I was hired on “soft money” to spend a year or two at Queen’s at a time when the academic job market was all but dead. A year later, at a conference in Winnipeg, I was offered a tenure track position at Lakehead. Once again, Andy was not present but Rudy was. Rudy’s immediate response was that Queen’s would not let me go. By the time I arrived back in Kingston, I had a permanent job here. So I had good reason to like Rudy already.

But Rudy also was a social psychologist so we were frequently on graduate thesis committees together – I always steered my students toward Rudy because he would thoroughly review anything presented to him and make constructive suggestions. In the mid-1990s when a position became available in the social area, Rudy and I formulated the job ad that would eventually bring us Lee Fabrigar and start us down the path to a vibrant graduate program in our area. For almost 20 years, Rudy Kalin was central to my professional life, a valued colleague and friend.

With the news of Rudy’s passing a chapter in our Department’s history has closed. Many clichés ran through my mind as I thought of what to say to end this comment. One was “He shall be missed.” As that one started in my mind I realized he already was.  

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