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Remembering Rudolf Kalin

Under his headship he was extremely approachable, and tried very hard to be fair and equitable to everybody.

by Barrie Frost

The entire Queen's University community was deeply saddened to learn of the sudden and unexpected death of Rudy Kalin. Rudy died peacefully in his sleep while visiting Michigan with his wife Jane where they were travelling to attend the wedding of their youngest son Michael.

Rudy will be remembered for his 33 years of exemplary service to Queens, 11 of these as Head of the Department of Psychology. A fuller description of his life and academic career is available on the Psychology Departmental website Current and Past Heads page.

Rudy brought his considerable enthusiasm, thoroughness and organizational skills to everything he undertook, both in his professional and personal pursuits.  Indeed he seemed to seek out new challenges for himself whenever he had accomplished his goals. For example, as a young faculty member he became very interested in Labrador retriever dogs, trained them expertly, and attended many field trials where he and his dogs won many awards for their performance. Likewise, when he later took up sailing he mastered sailing skills and raced his “Shark” regularly at the Kingston Yacht Club.  In later life he enthusiastically took up golf, and quickly became proficient and performed extremely well for his age.

Colleagues and former students will remember fondly how he applied his special organizational and personal skills to the running of the Department. Under his headship he was extremely approachable, and tried very hard to be fair and equitable to everybody. His legacy on stepping down from the headship was to leave an administrative structure that ran as smoothly as a good “Swiss Watch”. As one example of his organizational skills many older members of the Department remember his ‘’Departmental Handbook” where he consolidated and listed the responsibilities of our many and diverse committees, including the important rules they were supposed to oversee. Prior to his headship this information was distributed diffusely, often in long forgotten departmental minutes, and so they were often unknown by newer members of the department and were therefore sporadically and inconsistently applied.

At the time of his death, and after nearly 11 years of retirement, Rudy again dedicated himself to a new cause, documenting the decline in “collegiality” at Queen’s over the past several years. Collegiality was, until relatively recently, the cornerstone principle of decision making at Queen’s. Rudy had researched this topic with his usual thoroughness, by sifting through the University archives and old minutes of the Senate and Board of Trustees, and even interviewing many former administrators. We all hope that this important document, which was almost finished at the time of his death, is completed by someone so that Rudy’s comprehensive analysis and historical research will reach the wider university community he so ably served.

Rudy was not only a valued colleague but a close personal friend to several of us and so we and the Department all extend our deepest condolences to Rudy’s wife Jane and his sons Eric, Paul and Michael and their families.

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