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Candace Hartley

Psychology Staff Update:

Restructuring Support Staff in Psychology

by Candace Hartley


faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, keeping records, tracking finances, maintaining computers and laboratories, and generally responding to the daily demands of running a large, complex university department.


Administrative Support:

There are currently 7 positions in this group:  Allison Horwood took on the role of Undergraduate Assistant in the summer of 2011; Andrea Patterson assumed the role of Graduate Assistant in the spring of 2012; Janessa Shorrock joined the administrative team in April 2012 as Departmental Assistant; Carmen Costa, Administrative Assistant, and Marie Tooley, Senior Secretary, have expanded their duties to absorb some of the responsibilities brought about by the University’s new PeopleSoft human resource management system; and Stacey Burns, Administrative Assistant for the Psychology Clinic plays a vital role in running the Clinic. The Department Manager, Candace Hartley has absorbed some of the previous duties of the Senior Secretary in addition to using her financial background to assist with complex budget and financial planning issues.


Technical Support: 

Up until about mid 2011, we had 6 positions in this group: Technical Supervisor; Electronics Technologist, Roland Dupras; Network and Support Analyst, Chris Degen; Animal Care Coordinator, Lisa Wilberforce; General Technician, Rick Eves; and Graphics Assistant, Eric Brousseau, a half-time position. Last summer the Technical Supervisor took a job elsewhere and we decided not to replace that position on a trial basis. Our decision was based on the budget projections we had seen for the Faculty of Arts and Science and our knowledge of the Departmental budget. The shifting of almost all Departmental computer-related technical needs to the Network and Support Analyst was not feasible and led to work delays for the faculty and staff members who rely on the services of our Technical Support group. During the winter of 2012, these stresses were mitigated by the added services of a practicum student from St. Lawrence College, Justin Siu who assisted in the technical shops. We were able to hire Justin and he has continued to provide the additional support that we need in our technical shops. In addition, we have changed Eric’s role to Web Administrator and increased it to full time. This position is needed to help maintain the Department’s multiple web pages, a task that we have struggled to keep up with over the past years.


With the restructuring plan and the excellent services of our highly competent support staff, we will be able to continue to deliver our extensive undergraduate and graduate programs and research support.

Welcome new graduate students

The department extends a warm welcome to our new graduate students

Katrina Bouchard (CLIN, Pukall)

Jaclyn Cappell(CLIN, Pukall)

Anja-Xiaoxing Cui (BBCS, Cuddy)

Samantha Dawson (CLIN, Chivers)

Samantha Drover (DEV, Sabbagh)

James Ducas (CLIN, Fekken)

Jackie Huberman (CLIN, Chivers)

Alexandra Irwin (DEV, Hollenstein)

Sophie Kenny (BBCS, Troje)

Daniella Ladowski (CLIN, Johnsrude)

Joyce Li (CLIN, Craig)

Charelle O’Dunn-Orto (BBCS, Menard)

Keely Owens-Jaffray (DEV, Fitneva)

Effie Pereira (BBCS, Castelhano)

Jeffery Rocca (BBCS, Beninger)

Chloe Soutar (BBCS, Dringenberg)

Matthew Stewart (BBCS, Dringenberg)

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Congratulations MSc and PhD Grads

The department extends congratulations and best wishes for the future to all of our recent MSc and PhD graduates.

Laura Best (PhD) THESIS: Early Social Behaviour in young children with Austin Spectrum Disorders. (DEV, Kelley)


Karen Blair (PhD) THESIS: Perceived Social Support for Relationships as a Predictor of Relationship Well-Being, Mental and Physical Health in Same-Sex & Mixed-Sex Couples: A Longitudinal Investigation.  (SOC, Pukall)


Kristen Blackler (MSc) THESIS: The effect of adaptive perfectionism, maladaptive perfectionism, and feedback on procrastination behaviour.  (SOC, Jacobson)


Jennifer Bossio (MSc) THESIS: Category Specificity of Women’s Sexual Arousal Across the Menstrual Cycle. (CLIN, Chivers)


Julie Buchan (PhD) THESIS: Cognitive Resources in audiovisual speech preception. (BBCS, Munhall)


Jacqueline Chin (MSc) THESIS: A suicide Prevention Approach: Expanding One’s Time Perspective.  (SOC, Holden)


Tessen Clifford (PhD) THESIS: Support Groups for Parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Predictors and Effects of Involvement.  (CLIN, Minnes)


Brock Criger (MSc) THESIS: Attitudes Toward Germline Engineering. (SOC, Fekken)


Emma Dargie (MSc) THESIS: Provoked Vestibulodxnia: A neuropathic pain

condition?  (CLIN, Pukall)


Maya Gupta (MSc) THESIS: Understanding treatment - resistant depression: The complicated relationships among neurocognition, symptoms, and functioning.  (CLIN, Bowie)


Joshua Guyer (MSc) THESIS: Matching vs. Mismatching Vocal Qualities with

Message Content.  (SOC, Fabrigar)


Katherine Holshausen (MSc) THESIS: Structured Therapy for the Enhancement of Purposeful Speech (STEPS): A step in the Right Direction for Treating Formal Thought Disorder.  (CLIN, Bowie)


Annie Hsieh (PhD) THESIS: Pain Communication in Ethnic Concordant and

Discordant Dyads.  (CLIN, Tripp)


Laura Katz (MSc) THESIS: A Psychosocial Model of Disability in Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome.  (CLIN, Tripp)


Dianna Lanteigne (MSc) THESIS: Patterns among emotional experience, arousal, and expression in adolescence.  (DEV, Hollenstein)


Cherie LaRocque (MSc) THESIS: Childhood Maltreatment and Stress Sensitization in Depression: Moderation by Age Group and Depression History.  (CLIN, Harkness)


Nida Latif (MSc) THESIS: The role of nonverbal cues in judging social interaction.  (BBCS, Munhall, Castelhano)


Vicki Lopes (PhD) THESIS: Factors predicting the successful transition of preschoolers with and without developmental delay into school.  (CLIN, Minnes)


Jessica Lougheed (MSc) THESIS: Emotion Co-Regulation in Parent-Child Dyads with Externalizing and Typically-Developing Children.  (DEV, Hollenstein)

Amanda Maracle (MSc) THESIS: Behavioural and Neurological Effects of Sucrose Bingeing.  (BBCS, Olmstead)

Heather McCauaig-Edge (PhD) THESIS: Peer involvement in traditional and
electronic bullying.  (SOC, Craig)

Valerie Murphy (MSc) THESIS: Understanding attachment anxiety and paradoxical
reactions to conflict with romantic partners: The moderating role of attachment-related threat.  (SOC, MacDonald)

Meghan Norris (PhD) THESIS:  Real or Artifact? Shedding light on how and when repeated expression can result in polarization.  (SOC, Fabrigar)

Amy O’Neill (MSc) THESIS: Foundations of Ingroup Bias and Similarity Bias in
Two-year-olds.  (DEV, Kuhlmeier)

Jason Rajsic (MSc) THESIS: The Effects of Feature-Based and Memory-Driven Attention on Appearance.  (BBCS, Wilson)

Graham Raynor (MSc) THESIS: Effects of Aging, Continuity and Frequency Difference on the Time Course of Auditory Perceptual Organization.  (BBCS, Johnsrude)

Daniel Saunders (PhD) THESIS: Components of Biological Motion Perception.  (BBCS, Troje)

Lyndall Schumann (MSc) THESIS: Individual and community influences on bullying and victimization in Canada.  (CLIN, Craig)

Jessica Spape (MSc) THESIS: The role of prepotent sexual features in female non-specific sexual response.  (CLIN, Chivers)

Rebecca Stead (MSc) THESIS: A Retrospective Study of Child and Adolescent Risk Factors and their Relation to the Dark Triod Core Personality Traits.  (SOC, Fekken)

Claudia Tsui (MSc) THESIS: Visual Discrimination Performance in Rats: Role of Acetylcholine and Synaptic Correlates in the Primary Visual Cortex and Hippocampus.  (BBCS, Dringenberg)

Leigh Turner (PhD) THESIS: Attachment Anxiety and Condom Use: The moderating Influence of Rejection-Salience.  (SOC, MacDonald)

Dustin Washburn (MSc) THESIS: Theory of Mind Decoding and Reasoning Abilities in Depression, Social Phobia and Comorbid Conditions.  (CLIN, Harkness)

Rachel Wayne (MSc) THESIS: The Role of Facial Gestural Information In Supporting Perceptual Learning of Degraded Speech.  (BBCS, Johnsrude)

Elisabeth Whaley (Melson) (PhD) THESIS: Exploring the underlying psychological processes of gambling behaviour: individual and contextual factors.  (SOC, Lindsay)

Richelle Witherspoon (MSc) THESIS: Effects of Object Function on Visual Search in Real-World Scenes.  (BBCS, Castelhano)

Amelie Yak (MSc) THESIS: Representing the properties of object classes in manipulation and weight perception.  (BBCS, Flanagan)

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Linda Booij

Welcome Dr. Linda Booij

by Kevin Munhall, Professor


of Psychology. Linda will be joining the clinical programme as an assistant professor in January 2013. She has most recently worked at Université de Montréal but originally hails from the Netherlands. She completed her education at Leiden University with a doctoral thesis on the biochemistry of depression. Dr. Booij graduated cum laude (top 5% of Ph.D. degrees) at Leiden University in 2005.


Dr. Booij’s work generally focuses on the role that certain neurotransmitters play in human brain development and in psychopathologies. Her work has spanned many disorders including the effects of stress, depression and aggression and populations ranging in age from young children to aging adults. Her most recent work has been in the processing of emotional stimuli in adolescents. Here she brings to this project a wide range of approaches and skills. Many of her recent publications have involved studies of the genetics of behaviour and disorders. In addition, she has used functional magnetic resonance imaging  (fMRI) to study the neural correlates of emotional processing. In this project, she combines all of these skills and approaches to produce a comprehensive research programme aimed at understanding emotion regulation and its development.


Dr. Booij’s research has been funded by a number of agencies. These include NARSAD, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, the H.F. Guggenheim Foundation and the Quebec Brain Imaging Network.


Dr. Booij is an experienced teacher with broad experience in undergraduate teaching and graduate supervision. She has already attracted students from both areas of training and we are enthusiastic about how she extends our training capabilities. The Department enthusiastically welcomes Linda. She is an accomplished researcher and teacher and she will enrich our community.

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Retirees - where are they now?

Gerry Wilde

Gerry Wilde – Gerry Wilde officially retired from Queen’s in 1997. Although he admits he should be taking more care of his circa 1870 farmhouse on Sydenham Lake, he still indulges in “academic activities.” In 2012 Dr. Wilde wrote two chapters for a book on “behavioural adaptation to technical safety measures” to be published by Taylor and Francis (UK) in early 2013. A French translation of his book “Target Risk” will be coming out before Christmas this year. He will travel to France in early January 2013 for the launching of that book. 2013 will also see Dr. Wilde acting as an external examiner of a doctoral thesis at the University of Strasbourg, and making presentations in other cities in that country. At the end of the day however, Dr. Wilde’s greatest ambition is to live in peace and quiet with his dear wife, and his pets, his pipe and a glass of wine.


MJ Edwards

Mary Joan (MJ) Edwards – MJ came to Psychology and eventually served as Administrative Secretary to the Head under Rudy, Jane Knox (Acting), Alistair MacLean, and Merlin Donald. She resigned in 2004. MJ left to attend NSCAD University in Halifax where she received a BFA in 2007. She later went to Fredericton and completed a BED at UNB, taught high school for a year, then became the Curator/Director of the Grand Manan Museum. During the winter months she supply teaches and makes her art, which has evolved since leaving Kingston from mainly photography to beeswax encaustic painting. MJ regularly shows her photography, ink drawings and encaustics. MJ cohabitates in a tall house with an ocean view with her retired husband, Wayne Clifford. Visit her website:

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Allan Hedberg


My choice of Queen’s (1964-1969) for doctoral studies was influenced by its strong behavioral theoretical orientation. The singular theoretical approach supported by empirical research findings has served me well as a practicing clinician.


My pre-doctoral training was held at the Kingston Psychiatric Hospital (now Providence Care, Mental Health Services), Outpatient Clinic, under the supervision of James Sutherland. My post-doctoral experience was divided between the Verdun Hospital Behavioral Therapy Unit, Montreal, under the direction of Dr. Ernest Poser and the Behavioral Therapy Unit at Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute, under the direction of Dr. Joseph Wolpe.


The Queen’s doctoral program taught me to think theoretically and conceptually, and to practice behaviorally.  My patient population has been well served. Queen’s also taught me to embrace an empirical orientation in my therapy practice and to stay engaged in research, thereby contributing to the profession. I am now writing my sixth book and have published over 150 articles. 


The Queen’s doctorate also taught me to stay engaged in the professional psychological community. I was privileged to serve as a board member and chairman of several divisions of the American Psychological Association. I served as president of the Central California Psychological Association, and the California Psychological Association. I also served on the Board of Governors, Trinity Western University, Langley, B.C., for 23 years and Board Chairman for 5 years. I was a co-founder of Avante Health, a behavioral health insurance company providing mental health services to governmental agencies and private businesses and corporations throughout California.


A few Queen’s memories include the following: the IBM punch card system for programming data and the huge room for the computer; passing an examination on the Fortran IV language to fulfill my language requirement of the University; taking yearend final examinations which were three 8-hour days of essays in the university library; final exams which covered material from throughout the entire academic year; training in Biofeedback Therapy; typing my dissertation on metal printers plates in order for required copies to be made; and basing my first research publication on my dissertation on suggestibility.


Queen’s Psychology was academically challenging and professionally demanding. Thanks to the faculty and staff of 1964-1969.


Allan G. Hedberg, Ph.D.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000