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Feature Story: Niko Troje MiniU
Psychology Professor Niko Troje to present at 2012 Queen's MiniU

Adapted from “MINIU FOR YOU” by Christina Archibald, ONQ magazine March 2012

With its diverse offerings of fresh and exciting presentations, social activities, and interactive learning, MiniU gives Queen’s staff, faculty and their families the opportunity to be Queen’s students for a day or for a whole weekend.

“This year we’ve got over 45 sessions available and 70 per cent of our presenters are brand new to MiniU,” says Melanie McEwen, Manager, Alumni Education. “Our experts range from theologians and historians to neuroscientists and engineers. This year alumnus and Vanier Medal winner Chancellor David Dodge delivers the Last Lecture on Earth. It promises to be an exciting and eye-opening weekend for everyone involved.”

Psychology Professor Niko Troje is scheduled to present at this year's MiniU.

Dr Troje will be presenting a talk entitled “Vision and Illusion: The World in our Brain”. “The perception of the world around us is mediated by a complex neuronal machinery,” says Dr Troje. “Sensory structures such as eyes and ears capture physical energies and transform them into neural signals. Neural pathways then transport them from these structures to the central nervous system. Finally, central processing mechanisms integrate these signals into a vivid experience of the “reality” that guides our behaviour. By nature, the information that reaches the central nervous system is noisy, incomplete and generally ambiguous. I will introduce you to the sophisticated strategies by which the brain resolves these ambiguities to eventually come up with something that feels like a solid, reliable, and predictable reality which seems to exist independently of ourselves and our brains.”

Dr Troje will present his talk twice on Saturday, May 26, at 8:30am and 10:30am.

There are numerous personal learning and professional development opportunities offered over the weekend, including film and media professor Sidneyeve Matrix’s take on how to turn social and mobile media marketing to your advantage; a look at the latest in learning environment technologies with an Emerging Technology Centre expert; and an examination of brand new solar energy technology and green building ideas with the Solar Education Centre’s Design Team. Attendees can request certificates of completion for sessions at-tended by giving the MiniU booking team advance notice of this preference when registering. Participants wanting to loosen up after the lectures can enjoy a fencing tutorial, join a beer-tasting lunch downtown, or dance at the Saturday night ceilidh.

Registration packages range from full weekend access with accommodation today passes and a flexible à la carte option. Each allows for choice among an exciting range of activities.

Mark your calendars and register for the fifth annual Queen’s MiniU from Friday, May 25 to Sunday, May 27.

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