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Psychology staff update

Staff ensures courses and research labs run smoothly

Candace Hartley, Department manager

The Department has seen a lot of changes in the past few years and has certainly grown stronger, thanks not only to keen and outstanding faculty members, but also to the loyal and dedicated support of our staff members.

I accepted the position as Department Manager in the fall of 2008, after working with the University Audit Services. My role is multi facetted, from facilities management, to staffing and budgeting; each day presents a whole new set of challenges. Rick Eves, the Departmental Technician, who we all rely on for various needs, is our longest standing staff member with close to 30 years of service. In the summer of 2011, Marg Lawson, our Administrative Secretary and departmental historian of 22 years will retire. Along with Marg in the general office, Marie Tooley provides a wide array of administrative support to the faculty, students and staff. Electronics Technologist, Roland Dupras, has been designing research apparatuses for our labs now for 16 years. The Technical Supervisor, Davin Carlson, provides technological support and ensures that all aspects of the technical workshop run effectively. Jane Dauncey, the Departmental Assistant can always be relied upon to keep the numerous operating and research accounts in order.


Our graduate program runs smoothly, thanks to the dedication of Graduate Assistant, Dianne Flint, who diligently works to ensure that student needs are met. Our newest team member, Allison Horwood, is enthusiastic to learn about the Department, providing support to both the Graduate and Undergraduate offices. In the spring of 2009, Carolyn Morrison retired, and Carmen Costa became our new Undergraduate Assistant. It did not take Carmen long to learn the ropes, meeting all of the demands of the Undergraduate office.


Network and Support Analyst, Chris Degen, keeps Departmental computers and workstations in top running condition. Graphics Assistant, Eric Brousseau, provides graphics, photography and website support. Erin Burnett, our Animal Care and Training Coordinator, is managing the administration and operation of the animal care facilities in Humphrey Hall for one year while Lisa Miller Wilberforce is on maternity leave. Rounding out the team, over on Barrie Street, the Clinic Secretary, Stacey Burns ensures that all aspects of the Psychology Clinic run smoothly.

These dedicated Psychology Staff assure the effective delivery of our extensive graduate and undergraduate teaching programs and the smooth operation of dozens of research laboratories.

Welcome New Grad Students

The department would like to extend a warm welcome to our new graduate students

Jessica Beveridge (DEV)

Joshua Guyer (SOC)

Adam Heenan (CLIN)

Katherine Holshausen (CLIN)

Nida Latif (BBCS)

Amanda Maracle (BBCS)

Valerie Murphy (SOC)

Amy O’Neill (DEV)

Lyndall Schumann (CLIN)

Rebecca Stead (CLIN)

Sarah Wheeler (SOC)

Richelle Witherspoon (BBCS)

Congratulations MSc and PhD Grads

The department extends congratulations and best wishes for the future to all of our recent MSc and PhD graduates.

Sandra Alexander (PhD) - Thesis: Cognitive Responses to Stress, Depression, and Anxiety and the Relationship to ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Symptoms

Tonya Bauermann (PhD) - Thesis: Sleep Problems, Sleep Hygiene, and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Symptomatology in Young Adults. Current Position: Was teaching at St. Lawrence College

Megan Davidson (PhD)
- Thesis: Impact of Manipulated Perceived Efficacy and Self-Affirmation on Measures of Risk, Efficacy, and Intention. Current Position: Psychology Fellow, MD Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston, Texas

Kristen Dunfield (PhD)
- Thesis: Redefining Prosocial Behaviour: The Production of Helping, Sharing, and Comforting Acts in Human Infants and Toddlers. Current Position: Post-Doc Fellow, Ohio State University

Anna Ebel-Lam (PhD) - Thesis: Cheating or Coping with Situational Constraints? How Contemplation and Construal Level Influence Perceptions of Academic Dishonesty and Cheating Behaviour. Current Position: Department of National Defence, Ottawa

Ricardo Flamenbaum (PhD) - Thesis: Testing Shneidman’s Theory of Suicide: Psychache as a Prospective Predictor of Suicidality and Comparison with Hopelessness. Current Position: Private Practice, Cognitive and Interpersonal Therapy Centre, Toronto

Jessica Flynn (MSc)
- Thesis: The Relations Between Emotional Acceptance and Emotion Regulation in Adolescent Girls. Current Position: Doctoral student at Kent State University, Ohio

Natalie Kalmet (MSc) - Thesis: Multiple Lineup Identification Procedure: Utility with Face-Only Lineups. Current Position: Current PhD student

Maia Kredentser (MSc) - Thesis: Extraversion and Self-Monitoring: Exploring Differential Responses to Descriptive and Injunctive Normative Messages within the Framework of the Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion. Current Position: Planning future studies

Min-Ching Kuo (PhD) - Thesis: Regulations of Sensory Cortical Plasticity by Neuromodulators and Sensory Experiences. Current Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow (Physiology & Pharmacology), University of Western Ontario

Lindsay Lavictoire (MSc) - Thesis: The Affective Dynamics of Rejected Children in Triadic Peer Interactions in Early Childhood.

Sylvia Magrys (MSc) - Thesis: Exploring the Relationship Between Acute Intoxication, Stress Reactivity and Alcohol Expectancies. Current Position: Current PhD student

Jamal Mansour (PhD) - Thesis: Testing Applied Lineup Theory. Current Position: Term Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University

Sandra Marques (PhD) - Thesis: Relationship Threat and Self-Regulation: The Moderating Effect of Attachment Anxiety. Current Position: Defence Scientist, Department of National Defence, Ottawa

Liam Marshall (PhD) - Thesis: Aging and Sexual Offending: An Examination of Older Sexual Offenders. Current Position: Applied Psychology, Kingston

Andrew Mouck (MSc) - Thesis: Cognitive Training with Video Games: The Role of Target Presentation Rate and Maximum Target Eccentricity.

Shelly Paik (PhD) - Thesis: Changing Beliefs About Categories and Individual Instances: Evidence for the Moderating Effect of Level of Representation. Current Position: Marketing Firm, Toronto

Allisha Patterson (MSc) - Thesis: Psychache and Self-Harming Behaviour Among Homeless Men:  A Test of Shneidman’s Model. Current Position: Current PhD student

Apostolia Petropoulos (MSc) - Thesis: Impulsivity and Reward Sensitivity: Attentional and Emotional Factors Underlying Stimulus-reward Learning. Current Position: Teaching at St. Lawrence College

Rana Pishva (MSc) - Thesis: The Impact of Linguistic Expectations on Children’s Perceptions of Helpfulness, Knowledgeability and Information Seeking Behaviour. Current Position: Current PhD student

Ronald Porter (PhD) - Thesis: Resurrecting Error Choice:  the Premature Demise of an Indirect Measure of Attitude? Current Position: Lecturer University of Cumberia, UK

Erica Refling (MSc) - Thesis: The Influence of Romantic Attachment Styles and Imagined Partner Rejection on Female Body Image. Current Position: Current PhD student

Kevin Rounding (MSc) - Thesis: Compounding Effects of Dysphoria and Delay on Eyewitness Identification. Current Position: Current PhD student

Lindsay Schaefer (MSc) - Thesis: Culture and Postdecisional Confirmation Bias.

Danielle Shelley (PhD) - Thesis: Thinking and Doing: Attributions and Coping of Individuals and Their Friends that are Associated with the Continuity of Victimization and Bullying. Current Position: Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice, Cape Breton

Kelly Smith (PhD) - Thesis: Sexual, Relationship, and Psychological Functioning Among Women with Provoked Vestibulodynia (PVD). Current Position: Post-Doc at Harvard (Fall term), UBC (Spring term)

Pamela Stager (PhD) - Thesis: Errors in Affective Forecasting: Contrasting Anticipated and Experienced Regret After Group Failure Versus Individual Failure. Current Position: Supervisor, Cochrane Temiskaming Resource Centre, Timmins

Alexandra Sutherland (PhD) - Thesis: The Roles of School Climate and Peers in Bullying. Current Position: Clinical Psychologist (Private Practice) and Toronto District School Board

Samantha Waxman (PhD) - Thesis: Laser Doppler Imaging: A New Measure of Genital Blood Flow in Female Sexual Arousal. Current Position: Private Practice, Toronto

Meaghan Wilkin (MSc) - Thesis: Exposure to Stressors During Development and the Importance of Timing: An Animal Model of Early Life Adversity. Current Position: Current PhD student

Jay Wood (PhD) - Thesis: Deconstructing Attitude Strength: Understanding the Cognitive Structures and Subjective Beliefs Related to Attitudes. Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor at Memorial University NFLD
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