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Joyce Li, August 2014

Queen's Psychology Clinical MSc student Joyce Li discusses working with the Companies Committed to Kids project. "Adults have the ability to promote and nurture the mental well-being of the children in their lives by showing warmth and respect in their interactions with them, and by modelling positive behaviours." Joyce Li

Effie Pereira, August 2014

The amount of visual information that we get from the world around us is astounding – from basic features like colours, textures, and edges, to higher-level concepts like objects, structures, and spatial layout. The fact that we easily perceive this information to plan, coordinate, and perform a multitude of tasks on a daily basis is a testament to the efficiency of our mental processes. Psychology Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Science Masters student Effie Pereira has always been fascinated by eye movement planning, especially when it comes to specific directed tasks.