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  • Director    
    Headshot of Dr. Christopher Bowie 

    Christopher Bowie, PhD, C.Psych.

    Dr. Bowie is a clinical psychologist and Associate Professor in the departments of psychology and psychiatry at Queen’s University.  He primarily studies neurocognition and functional disability in psychotic disorders like schizophrenia and mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder. Neurocognition refers to the functions of the brain that allow us to perceive and process information and guide our actions. When we talk about attention, memory and problem solving, we are referring to neurocognitive functions. Functional disability refers to difficulties performing in areas of life such as academics, working, living independently, and socializing with others.

    • Supervised Graduate Students
     Headshot of Maya Gupta
      Maya Gupta, Fourth Year PhD Student


    Maya graduated with a B.Sc. (hon.) in the department of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour at McMaster University. Her undergraduate thesis involved conducting program evaluation for a psychiatric rehabilitation service. For her Master's thesis at Queen's University, Maya examined the relationships among neurocognition, clinical symptoms, and functional outcomes in treatment-resistant depression. Currently Maya is interested in understanding family functioning in early episode psychosis, specifically, the caregiver and patient factors that initiate and maintain family cohesion and family flexibility in this population.

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    Headshot of Mike Best





    Headshot of Michael Grossman

    Katherine Holshausen, Third Year PhD Student


    Katherine is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program. She graduated from McMaster University with a BA (hons) in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour. During her undergraduate studies, she worked in a Mood Disorders Clinic examining the relationship between neurocognitive abilities and functional disability. For her Master’s thesis, Katherine and Dr. Bowie developed and evaluated a treatment for thought disorder entitled Structured Therapy for the Enhancement of Purposeful Speech (STEPS). At present, Katherine is interested in social cognition and how it is related to communication and social functioning in individuals with schizophrenia.




    Mike Best, Second Year PhD Student


    Mike graduated with a B.Sc. (Hon.) in the department of Psychology at Queen’s University. During his undergraduate studies he was involved in research examining outcomes to neurocognitive enhancement in Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) as well as the effect of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) treatment of co-morbid MDD and Sleep Apnoea. Mike’s current research focuses on stigma towards individuals with schizophrenia and how stigma is associated with real-world functional disabilities for these individuals. Specifically, Mike is interested in discovering the neural basis of such stigma in an effort to improve the efficacy of programs to educate the public, and to better prepare individuals with schizophrenia for the situations they may be faced with in the community.





    Michael Grossman, Fourth Year PhD Student


    Michael graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a B.A. (Honours, Specialization in Psychology) and, more recently, the University of Toronto with an M.A. in Developmental Psychology and Education. His Master’s thesis focused on implementing a computer-based intervention to foster perspective-taking in the written compositions of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Through working with ASD youth to improve their communicative clarity, Michael developed an interest in studying social cognition and the neural correlates of theory of mind in clinical populations. Michael is eager to begin his doctoral studies in clinical psychology and gain greater insight into the origins of social dysfunction in psychiatric disorders, with an emphasis on schizophrenia and first episode psychosis.



    Headshot of Melissa Milanovic

    Melissa Milanovic, 1st Year MSc Student


    Melissa graduated from the University of Guelph with a B.Sc. (Hon.) in Psychology (minor in Neuroscience). During her undergraduate studies she used an animal model to conduct a thesis investigating the role of the nicotinic cholinergic system in learning visuospatial associations. Upon graduation, she was hired to manage the University of Guelph's Child Development Research Unit as the lab coordinator, where she used an innovative virtual reality program to study pedestrian safety behaviours in children. Melissa is eager to begin her Master¹s in Clinical Psychology at Queen¹s University. She is interested in investigating the role that cognitive dysfunction plays in the presence of psychosis, with particular emphasis on exploring the potential to improve everyday functioning in those with chronic mental illness via enhancement of neurocognition.

    • Emma Ayukawa, Lab
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      Headshot of Emma Ayukawa Emma graduated from Queen's University with a B. Sc. (Hon.) degree in psychology where she took seminar courses on psychosis, psycholinguistics, and behavioural pharmacology.  She began working in the CPD lab as a volunteer in her 3rd year of study.  In the future she would like to work in remote communities in the area of counseling or teaching.



      • Undergraduate Research Assistants & Lab Students
      Jessica Barr
      Lauren Bawks
      Headshot of Mariana Borsuk-Gudz

      Mariana Borsuk-Gudz

      Mariana is a third year student working towards a psychology degree (B.A. Hon) at Queen’s University, with particular interest in the fields of neuropsychology, behavioural interaction and cognition. She has been working as a volunteer in the CPD lab since September 2013 and as a SWEP student during the summer of 2014, helping with a variety of ongoing projects. At present, Mariana hopes to continue working as a research assistant at CPDL, expanding her knowledge of neurocognitive functioning and behavioural manifestations of psychosis and other cognition based disorders.​ 

      Headshot of Heather Brooks

      Heather Brooks


      ​Heather is in her final year of study at Queen's, majoring in Psychology. Her research interests lie in the biology and etiology of psychiatric disorders, as well as treatment options. She began volunteering in the CPD Lab in 2013, and hopes to learn more about early episode psychosis and prevention this year in the lab. She is also completing her thesis in the Mood Disorders Lab. In the future, Heather hopes to pursue her research interests in clinical psychology. 

      Headshot of Sarah Cassidy

      Sarah Cassidy


      Sarah is in her fifth year of the BScH psychology program at Queen's University. Her honours thesis examined aversion tolerance in aggressive personalities. Her main research interest lies in aggression and violent criminal offending. She is also interested in psychopathology and its consequences on functional behaviour. Sarah is a special directed lab student in the CPD lab, through which she is conducting a study on cognitive engagement and approach behaviours in schizophrenia. Sarah hopes to further her studies into graduate school.

      Headshot of Dan Gale

      Dan Gale


      Dan handles EEG assessments and has been involved in lab projects that examine social cognition in disorders with psychosis. His main areas of interest consist of cognition and perception in clinical populations, geriatric psychiatry, and visual perception.

      Headshot of Caitlin Heino

      Caitlin Heino

      Caitlin is currently completing her fifth year majoring in Psychology and minoring in Biology. Her honours thesis was completed within the CPD lab and examined the use of simulated hallucinations and delusions in reducing the stigma towards schizophrenia. Her main research interests include neurocognitive functioning, the stigma towards psychotic disorders, and mood disorders.  

      Sandra Krause
      Headshot of Jennifer Thunem

      Jennifer Thunem


      Jennifer is a fourth year student, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Life Sciences. She has a broad interest in the biological perspective of mental health and psychiatric disorders. Jennifer is a Special Directed Lab student in the CPD Lab this year, and is also currently completing an honours thesis in the Stress, Neurodevelopment, and Emotions Lab.  

      Headshot of Tanya Tran

      Tanya Tran

      Tanya is in her final year of the BScH psychology program at Queen’s University. As a Special Directed Lab student, she assisted in data collection of Maya Gupta’s (Msc) graduate thesis project on family functioning in patient-caregiver dyads, in which the patient has experienced early episode psychosis. Tanya’s directed lab  explored the role of family functioning and caregiver appraisal in predicting formal and informal help seeking behaviors. Currently, her research interests lie in the experimental study of emotion processing, reward learning, and anhedonia in individuals with unipolar depression. Tanya looks to pursue graduate studies in clinical psychology.

      Headshot of Alexandra Wolfer

      Alex Wolfer

      Alexandra is working on her third year of a B. Sc. (Hon.) degree in psychology. She began volunteering with the CPD lab in her second year and hopes to keep exploring the different aspects of clinical psychology.



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