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Hans Dringenberg

Photo of Hans Dringenberg

Coordinator of Graduate Studies

B.A., University of Lethbridge, 1991
M.Sc., University of Western, 1993
Ph.D., University of Western, 1996

T: 613.533.6215

432 Craine
Psychology Department
Queen's University
Kingston, ON K7L 3N6

Research Interests

Neural and synaptic plasticity, learning and memory, development, long-term potentiation, neurotransmitters, amygdala, fear.

Selected Publications

Dringenberg, H.C., Saber, A.J., and Cahill, L. (2001) Enhanced frontal cortex activation in rats by convergent amygdaloid and noxious sensory signals. NeuroReport, 12:2395-2398.

Richardson, D.P., Byrnes, M.L., Brien, J.F., Reynolds, J.N., and Dringenberg, H.C. (2002) Impaired water maze acquisition and hippocampal long-term potentiation after chronic prenatal ethanol exposure in the guinea pig. European Journal of Neuroscience, 16:1593-1598.

Dringenberg, H.C., Dennis, K.E.B., Tomaszek, S., and Martin, J. (2003) Orienting and defensive behaviors elicited by superior colliculus stimulation in rats: effects of 5-HT depletion, uptake inhibition, and direct midbrain or frontal cortex application. Behavioural Brain Research, 144:95-103.

Dringenberg, H.C., Kuo, M.-C., and Tomaszek, S. (2004) Stabilization of thalamo-cortical long-term potentiation by the amygdala: cholinergic and transcription-dependent mechanisms. European Journal of Neuroscience, 20:557-565.