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Psychology Clinic Sex Therapy Service

Sex Therapy Service

Director of the Sex Therapy Service: Dr. Caroline Pukall

The members of the sex therapy service treat individuals and couples with a variety of sexual concerns, including the following: low sexual desire, difficulties with sexual arousal and erections, problems with ejaculation, pain with sexual activity, difficulties with sexual intercourse/activity due to anxiety/discomfort and including vaginismus, and problems with orgasm. We also provide support for individuals who are transitioning and/or who do not identify with their natal sex. We do not treat those with sexual addictions or paraphilias, such as pedophilia, fetishism, etc.

Clients can be self-referred or referred by a health professional.

The initial appointment is a consultation. It lasts about 1.5 hours. There are questionnaires and forms to fill out, and an interview with Dr. Pukall and a student therapist is completed in order to determine whether sex therapy is appropriate for the client/s. If so, and the client/s is/are interested in therapy, the student therapist will conduct therapy under the supervision of Dr. Pukall.

Each session costs $50.00 but arrangements can sometimes be made for those with undue financial hardship (although wait times for these cases will be longer). We adhere to a maximum of 8-12 sessions for most cases.
Average wait time is variable. Presently, it is about 6 months.

What exactly is sex therapy?

Please see this article in The Wall Street Journal online by Sari Cooper, LCSW AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist. In the article she aims to educate people on some of the complexity and biopsychosocial lenses used when treating clients. Read article

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Sex Therapy Brochure
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