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Queen's University

Sexual Health Research Laboratory

PSYC 333: Human Sexuality

Course Description: An overview of typical sexual behavior and its variations. Topics include the history of sex research, the sexual response cycle, sexual dysfunction, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Particular attention will be paid to current issues in sex research and theory.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Psychology; and one of Abnormal Psychology, Developmental Psychology, or Brain and Behavior


PSYC 433: Special Topics in Human Sexual Function and Dysfunction

Course Description: This course will provide students with an overview of common sexual dysfunctions, including prevalence, clinical presentation, and co-morbid diagnoses. Particular attention will be paid to assessment and treatment (both therapy and medical management) in sexual dysfunction; in addition, past and current research strategies will be presented and critiqued, with an emphasis on classification difficulties.

Prerequisites: Research Methods in Psychology and Abnormal Psychology

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