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Queen's University

Sexual Health Research Laboratory
Welcome to the Sexual Health Research Lab

Research interests include the following:

    • Human sexuality
    • Vulvodynia/genital pain
    • post-partum pain
    • Sexual arousal in females and males
    • Male circumcision
    • Sexual health issues in females and males
    • Relationship and sexual functioning in same- and mixed-sex couples
    • Challenges and joys of parents of multiples (e.g., twins, triplets)

      Ongoing projects include the following:

        • Pain characteristics and psychosocial, psychophysical, and neural function in women with vulvodynia
        • Efficacy of non-medical treatments for vulvodynia
        • Development of a standardized assessment measure for vulvar pain diagnosis and treatment avenue
        • Neuropathic pain elements in vulvodynia
        • Post-partum pain characteristics, and risk factors
        • Genital sensitivity and blood flow from pre- to post-partum
        • Non-invasive methods of sexual arousal measurement in females and males
        • Comparison of methods of sexual arousal measurement devices in females
        • Pelvic floor muscle function in women with vulvodynia
        • Correlates of male circumcision in same- and other-sex attracted men and their partners
        • Penile sensitivity and sexual arousal in men who are versus are not circumcised

          Clinical Interests

          Sex therapy focusing on sexual dysfunction in females and males, and couples therapy.

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          Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000