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Caroline Pukall, PhD, CPsych, Professor
Department of Psychology, Queen's University
SHRL: Humphrey 236, 237, Craine 121, 122, 126
T: 613-533-3276  E:

Welcome to the Sexual Health Research Lab

Research interests include the following:

  • Human sexuality
  • Vulvodynia/genital pain
  • post-partum pain
  • Sexual arousal in females and males
  • Male circumcision
  • Sexual health issues in females and males
  • Relationship and sexual functioning in same- and mixed-sex couples
  • Challenges and joys of parents of multiples (e.g., twins, triplets)

Ongoing projects include the following:

  • Pain characteristics and psychosocial, psychophysical, and neural function in women with vulvodynia
  • Efficacy of non-medical treatments for vulvodynia
  • Development of a standardized assessment measure for vulvar pain diagnosis and treatment avenue
  • Neuropathic pain elements in vulvodynia
  • Post-partum pain characteristics, and risk factors
  • Genital sensitivity and blood flow from pre- to post-partum
  • Non-invasive methods of sexual arousal measurement in females and males
  • Comparison of methods of sexual arousal measurement devices in females
  • Pelvic floor muscle function in women with vulvodynia
  • Correlates of male circumcision in same- and other-sex attracted men and their partners
  • Penile sensitivity and sexual arousal in men who are versus are not circumcised

Clinical Interests

Sex therapy focusing on sexual dysfunction in females and males, and couples therapy.

CIHR IRSCCanada Foundation for InnovationNational Vulvodynia Association