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Queen's Psychology Undergraduate Studies

Academic Advising 2016-2017

Step 1:

Please take time to review the Undergraduate FAQs. There will be answers to most of your questions right here.

Step 2:

If you don't find the information that you need, contact Allison Leverette, Academic Advisor and Assistant to the Undergraduate Chair, in Humphrey Hall 225 or by email at - Phone: 613-533-2493

Step 3:

If Allison cannot answer your questions, she will direct you to a Faculty Advisor OR book you an appointment with the Chair of Undergraduate Studies, as appropriate.

Please note that Faculty Advisors can advise on pursuing Graduate School, and other "big picture" questions related to Psychology, while students who may need clarification with respect to rules and regulations should meet with the Chair of Undergraduate Studies.


Faculty Advisors (to undergraduate students)
Dr. Caroline Pukall (CLINICAL) C217
Dr. Jordan Poppenk (BBCS) H345
Dr. Mark Sabbagh (DEVELOPMENTAL) H348

Please email an advisor directly for an appointment


Undergraduate Chair

Please contact Allison Leverette at for an appointment with Dr. Atkinson.